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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ready, Set...........

I've been reading online this morning about green coffee beans. I ordered Orenda's CleanBurnShape program on faith alone - I will have been using their other products for ten years come August and I know the quality they abide by, both in their research and production stages. I was greatly relieved to read how little caffeine is involved, apparently that is a result of roasting, and also of the benefits that might include lower blood pressure. I hate that I am so fat my blood pressure is high enough to warrant medication, and it would be an added bonus to get that down quickly.

So I'm more excited all the time, and product should arrive today. I've also been reading more about the food part of the program and was super happy to see that they are really incorporating clean eating (very little processed foods) and nutritional sense into their program. In fact it looks much like I eat (less the meat) when I am on my game. So more good news. No special shopping or fad food combos, just whole food, water, and 20 minutes of movement each day. Plus the products to Clean, Burn & Shape; the support I need to kick start my weight loss and get back to a place where I have the will and motivation to stay my hand when I trick myself into believing that some hand held comfort might actually help me feel better.

So the plan looks very doable, and very much in line with the common sense I would expect from this awesome company. And myself. Eat whole foods, move each day, and supplement with cutting edge biotechnology. Definitely my cup of tea, or I should now say, my cup of green coffee!

Hope blooms rampant this morning.

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