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Monday, May 20, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 8/30

Today is both a Clean day and a travel day; I'm heading home later this morning. I'll drink my first 16oz Clean as I pack and strip the bed etc., and I'll have the second one ready in the cooler to drink four hours down the road. I made a thermos of ginger water last night and will use that to flavour my other two 20oz bottles of water to drink during the rest of the drive. I have broccoli and cauliflower florets already bagged and ready to pack in the cooler in case I get hungry or feel like eating along the way, and my iPod shuffle is charging so I can listen to my book as I drive.

Making a Shape shake will be an easy peasy way to fix dinner once I reach home. Okay,not to toot my own funny bone but that expression takes on new meaning since the shake is based on Pea Protein, Ha!

I spent yesterday finishing up the pruning on the rose bushes in back, and replacing a couple of sections of soaker hose in Mom's irrigation nightmare out there. This meant a trip to Home Depot, but the weather had turned hot and a ride in the air conditioning felt good. I had a few challenging moments as we passed the Nathan's hot dog cart out front - god that smelled good - but we did NOT succumb and last night I made another chopped salad full of crunchy veggies and I used the last of the tofu ranch dressing I had carted down with me. For my lean protein I had a bowl of the bean soup I made earlier in the week; I can sure make good soup! But not having had my salt free seasonings with me I used the Montreal Steak Seasoning Mom had in the cupboard and as delicious as that is in soup my hands are swollen this morning.

It felt good to stroll around the patio after everything cooled off and take stock of what I have accomplished down here this week. It feels good to do something to help since I only make it down once a year or so. Which is also good because we do tend to make each other a little crazy; it appears we are both determined to be right most of the time!

I'm looking forward to getting home to my little granddaughter and my even littler dog, but I must say it has been a wonderfully quiet get away for me. I am a quiet creature by nature and the tumult of the last couple of months has been wearying. I will miss the beautiful cool mornings down here, and the large breezy patio where I have spent much of my time. It has given me new ideas on what I want to do with my own back yard, and I am anxious to be home so I can get started.

One last note on the CleanBurnShape, it was so easy to stay on program while away from home, and while I never felt wired or couldn't sleep, the Burn kept me active and off the couch. Mom commented a couple of times that I never just sat, that she guessed I didn't know how to just sit and do nothing after working my whole life. (This from the woman who has never had a J.O.B. in her life.) But she was never there to see me getting home from work and crashing on the couch to watch TV for hours on end while snacking myself to death. I think that thanks to Orenda, that particular pity party may be over.

The day is calling me..back North I go!

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