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Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Arrives

Another year relentlessly begins the countdown to New Year's Eve. We are inspired to make lists, clean out our refrigerators, and join a gym. Well, not me so much, but the 'We' of the world. And this thought made me wonder what my other January 1st posts looked like so I went back and looked. There wasn't one for every year, and like this post most of them were not made on January 1st but on the 2nd; here they are in no particular order. Always about eating and exercising and obsessing about food. What a waste of, well, everything measurable; time, energy I guess.

I am just as tired as ever, just as mopey, nothing much has changed. I talk myself into a positive mood one day and the next I am back to exhausted and wondering why I take the time to try and care. 

In the news this week Oprah has purchased a 10% share of Weight Watchers for $40 Million . I'm not sure what this says about anything but I find it interesting is some small way.

The kids are off for breakfast, and I am back to dishes and laundry I guess. At least it keeps me out of bed. This is not the me I like at all, so I am gone and will try another day.