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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Green Juice and Grilled Cheese;; hey haven't I posted that before???

Well it's been what, three weeks now? I've had juice every day, even the one day I didn't make it myself because the kitchen was a wreck I bought a super green at Jamba Juice - OMG, $8.16 for 16oz.  And I thought it was expensive to make at home. Not so much!

After having a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch at home I went out running errands, one of which was returning a REALLY LARGE swim suit to Kohl's. At customer services she asked what was wrong with it, and I said, "I just couldn't make myself put it on". Walking carefully on my painful heel, I was hobbling like an old lady as I made my way out of the store. Not me, not me, not me. 

This is not who I am, this is not what my life is supposed to be like right now. Time to take a stand, and pick up where I left off fighting for myself.  I stopped for groceries then came home and made juice for dinner; fennel, power greens, celery, lemon, grapefruit, apple & kiwi. There was supposed to be mint but I forgot it - next time, but this was delicious anyway.

I have done most of the things suggested to start a juice fast; weaning myself back off of processed foods and animal protein (damn you sausage mcmuffin!). Now I need to jump in and make a go of it. Juice, salads, nuts; no eating out; moving everyday either on the bike or in the pool. Once a little weight is off my heel, it can begin to get better and once it has healed I can start walking again. I miss it for so many reasons.

Feeling positive this afternoon, or prevening as Sheldon might say, and looking forward to making some progress this week. Sunday nights are Wi nights again and I think that will be the only weighing going on. 

No matter how many times I 'start over' or 'reaffirm' how crazy I am, I will not give up until I find myself; I'm so tired of this stranger.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Green juice and swimming

Ten days or thereabouts of adding fresh green juice to my days and my energy is slowly increasing, as is my mood. Hot weather has also sent me to the pool, as scary as that is being in a suit, so my activity level is up too.

Had a really nice visit up to Lodi over the weekend where H made things festive, relaxing and delicious. I feel like I'm leading us both on in a way, as comments went slipping past my ego and over my lips effortlessly. No untruths, just not necessarily things that should be said out loud. Oh well, one day at a time.

Lentil soup and more green juice for dinner, watching The Pacifier with A, and giving Kaylee a good brushing and oiling will be entertainment sufficient unto the day.

God I love being in a good mood; please last, please last, please last.....

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Green Juice & Grilled Cheese & Tacos

I love this idea of adding nutrition to each day and then just eating meals without too much snacking or eating fast food. Easy on the weekend, but I am in a great frame of mind to continue on in the same way tomorrow. Monday, a seventh of my life.

Green juice for breakfast: same blend as yesterday
Grilled Cheese for Brunch: Sprouted whole grain bread, jack cheese & butter
Snack: Apple, chopped salad with kale & pepitas
Dinner: Black Bean Tacos with guacamole, pico de gallo, and a smear of sour cream

Full but not stuffed, and feel like I got in adequate nutrition for the day.

Puttered doing small chores in the morning, took a cat nap in the sun, and another short nap curled up in my bed, and basically spent the day in my pajamas.  Feeling a little more energetic tonight, and plan on juicing again in the morning.

Keep the nutrients coming, movement will follow, and weight will leave. That's the plan. Again.

BTW: the tomatoes growing in the back yard are thriving; they have quadrupled or more in size.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Green Juice & Pizza

Which is better than no juice and Pizza. There will come a time when left over pizza isn't a temptation, but this is not that day.

Early to the grocery store this morning so I can juice over the weekend:

     Cucumbers      Kale
     Celery               Power Greens
     Carrots             Lemons
     Ginger              Green Apples

Rule of thumb: three veg for each fruit.

That was breakfast, and left over pizza was lunch. The plan is to finish the juice over the course of the rest of the day and if I feel the need to eat dinner there is lettuce and cauliflower to make a chopped salad. And left over Easter Eggs for some devilment on the side.

Apparently 'left overs', while thrifty, are not necessarily conducive to health. Eventually I can hope to have only healthy food left over and that will solve the dilemma.

Had the washing machine repaired this morning and now I am catching up on laundry. Time for ibuprofen and maybe a lay-about in the sunny back yard. And a bike ride later. Maybe.