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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Green Juice & Grilled Cheese & Tacos

I love this idea of adding nutrition to each day and then just eating meals without too much snacking or eating fast food. Easy on the weekend, but I am in a great frame of mind to continue on in the same way tomorrow. Monday, a seventh of my life.

Green juice for breakfast: same blend as yesterday
Grilled Cheese for Brunch: Sprouted whole grain bread, jack cheese & butter
Snack: Apple, chopped salad with kale & pepitas
Dinner: Black Bean Tacos with guacamole, pico de gallo, and a smear of sour cream

Full but not stuffed, and feel like I got in adequate nutrition for the day.

Puttered doing small chores in the morning, took a cat nap in the sun, and another short nap curled up in my bed, and basically spent the day in my pajamas.  Feeling a little more energetic tonight, and plan on juicing again in the morning.

Keep the nutrients coming, movement will follow, and weight will leave. That's the plan. Again.

BTW: the tomatoes growing in the back yard are thriving; they have quadrupled or more in size.

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