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Friday, July 31, 2015

Super Blue (belewe) Moon

Tonight's moon is 'blue' and huge and gorgeous and the man in the moon is intent as he watches over us; weird to have loved him my whole life while still thinking of the moon as feminine from my studies in the Humanities. I suppose a man can live within the orb of a woman; happens all the time.

M called for us to come outside; I had forgotten and on his cue we all migrated out to the driveway to ooh and aww over the immensity of our satellite. The three of them walked to the end of the court with A in the lead hoping for an unobstructed view while I stayed put in front of the house enjoying how the trees framed the ascension of this glowing tangerine miracle.

And once again I am reminded that there are some things that are beautiful enough to make this whole living in human form thing worthwhile. As my eyes feasted on not just the moon but the dark shadows of my little family strolling along at the end of the court I was filled with the much sought after but elusive shade of contentment. The cool evening breeze quickly cooling off my bad mood, I lingered waiting for them to return, to hoist A once more into my arms for a better view, and then head inside with my tribe. Primal, that is what I felt for one glorious moment. Connected, worthy.

I think I must go have one more look before turning in for the night.


I ended up getting A early from daycare yesterday and the two of us made dinner together last night; her grandpa Jim's favorite chicken recipe (how I wish they could have met) mashed potatoes, caesar salad, fruit salad and corn on the cob. We rocked it. And Lemon Oreo's for dessert.

Tonight they are going out for kabobs and I am taking some time off. I've been fighting something off at work all week, maybe just a bad case of aversion, but I am relishing the idea of waking up in the morning, then stretching & turning over to snuggle back in and go back to sleep. I've put in a long week of trying hard to be helpful and I need a break.

I have got to tend to the roses this weekend before they die. I know most plants thrive after a period of stress, but I think this is cutting it close.  I had to drop by the water district on business today and saw they had a link posted to which reminded me I wanted to get started on a pilot program for our HOA. Maybe. But at the least I need to irrigate around the base of the roses and get some bark or something down to help hold in the moisture. I miss the colour outside my bedroom window.

Time for some Friday evening coffee ice cream and a movie while the house is quiet. My Bad. And I am feeling the need for a weekend reboot; too many dessert lately and not enough greens. Again, My Bad.

God I wish it would cool off again.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Helping out

I made dinner for the kids a third night in a row just because I love them that much. They are both busy right now, and A is a handful in the evenings, so this is my way of helping. I'm also doing laundry mid-week just so I won't have to do it on the weekend. We're in another heat wave after our brief dip into the 80's so it  makes more sense to run the machines at night anyway.

I've been tired again in the mornings and driving through for breakfast served with a heaping side of guilt. I know I have to make good decisions to feel good about myself but it's too exhausting to think about just now for some reason. This is probably the dip after my energetic weekend; but I am thankful I am just tired and not out for the count and lost deep in a pity pool somewhere.

I plan on juicing pineapple and grapefruit in the morning, but we'll see how it goes. I love even the idea of those flavours together and wonder that I haven't done this before. It's nice that juicing has settled into a regular part of my eating regime without any big goals; just a shot of nutrition a couple or few times each week.

So in other words, same old same old, nothing new to report here. Speaking of which it is time to reenact my nighttime ritual of tea and a movie in bed.

Monday, July 27, 2015

And the price

For my two good days I paid with a hellish Monday, one complication after another arising until we were giddy with forced stress relief; you can cry or laugh - we choose to laugh. The final stroke was a scathing email from my boss requesting an explanation for something that happened before I was ever hired. I told him where he could go look for his answers. I wasn't actually that crude, but did point him in the direction of those who may know the answers and did tell him to ask them. Then my eight hours being up I left for the day. My SIL put it all in perspective - hey, you can tell him anything as long as you back it up with a smiley face.

The new texting protocol - say what you mean and soften the blow with an icon showing you are smiling while calling them a dick.

I came home and focused my energy into preparing the kids a pot roast for dinner; I was thanked and complimented sufficient unto the meal and earned some literal brownie points from M.

I am so looking forward to seeing my email in the morning at the office. But in the meantime SYTYCD is on and I am signing out.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A good two days

It was 6:19pm on the car clock when my oomph vanished in the wakes of a large drawn out yawn. I had three bags of groceries with me in the car, and plans to roast veggies when I got home; enchiladas were on my mind but I knew in that moment that I wouldn't be making them tonight. I did get the groceries put away and an ear of corn in the microwave before I crashed in front of the tv with a lemon yogurt.

But my mood and energy had combined to keep me outside on and off most of the day and it was no wonder I was ready to wind down. Another branch sawn off the privet tree and broken into little pieces for the cart - which is now jam packed full - and I feel really good about the dent I made in back.  Then a longer than normal shower, some more tv, and then off to the store for supplies. I have fruits and greens to juice, veggies, corn tortillas and enchilada sauce for me, and a pork shoulder and a pot roast for the kids. I was on the way home when the formerly mentioned 6:19 incident occurred.

I haven't done much but watch tv for the last several hours. I had made a cup of Yerba Matte around 4 and now I am twitchy and not falling asleep, but have no desire to put my apparent nervous energy to work. I have to remind myself that it was a good day, that I kept moving for most of it, and didn't have any ice cream. That's a win, right?

Tomorrow begins another work week, and I had to spend a few minutes refilling both my am and pm vitamin boxes with the daily allotments of pills; what a tragic way to ear mark the passing of time.

I am thankful that I had this beautiful weekend, that I was strong enough to work outside, that the combination of work and wind and sun made me feel alive and worthy and younger than I have felt in a while. That is what I am focusing on, not the other crap.

Thank heavens for the cool breeze coming in my window and the clean water close at hand. I am so very grateful; despite my meandering mind my heart is steady and I am ready for another Monday.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Status: Brain set to normal, Body on go go go

Waking up to a very special and rare feeling of normalcy I was happy about everything. Optimistic about eating well, moving all day, accomplishing tasks, I dressed in cut off blue jeans and a white t-shirt and headed to the kitchen where I made my decaf and cleaned the juicer.

Heading out back I picked a dozen small oranges from my Valencia Orange tree and coming in I proceeded to rinse and skin them in preparation of juicing later. Later because A was up and I was helping her with her hair. She is doing a better job of detangling all the time, but I like to give it a once over when she is through battling. Back to the kitchen to skin the last lime and half a lemon, chop up cucumbers, one small beet and one green apple, and a thumb of ginger. A box of baby kale and power greens went in the juicer first, followed by everything else, mixing the harder veggies and the squishy fruit to get an optimal amount of juice.

Dark purple (mix magenta and brown to visualize) and tangy I ended up with two large pickle jars and one med jar of juice to last me the day; I will save a jar for R as a pick me up when she returns later.

Exhausted I sat and watched the end of a movie, during which I found myself eating a small bowl of pumpkin granola, diced fresh banana and almond milk. TV is NOT my friend when it comes to eating habits. But there was nothing wrong with what I had, and it provided the energy for what came next. An hour of pruning and shaping trees, and cutting up small branches to maximize space in the green waste cart. Sweaty and loose from the mornings work I am afraid to sit down for very long and let my muscles tighten up. I'm going to gulp some water, take a swig of juice, and head back up to finish the crepe myrtle tree out front after I finish up here. Oh, and the trees were all given a drink from the hose. I am so loving this day; a nice breeze and 73 outside on it's way up to 82. Perfect weather. For anything. And a match to my normal brain. I love feeling this happiness, this lack of bitter, this can do attitude. And my usual prayer goes up to heaven - please let this last, please.

Maybe it's all the Chia I've been adding to my juices.
Wow, who knew I could still climb half way up an eight foot ladder and cut a dead branch off one of the privet trees using my limb saver chainsaw??? I Rock. A helped me break up all of the small dead branches and load them into the cart. It was already 3/4 full from the morning's work and now it is full - for the moment - if I am not disabled in the morning I'll pack it down and do another branch. Because of course now that the large dead branch is gone I can see three more live ones that need to go in order for the tree to have a pleasing shape again. God that felt good. I am soaked with sweat, sawdust and a small patch of blood on my ankle from when I accidentally knocked the saw from where I had balanced it on the top of the fence. Yes I was up that high. And if I can do this then maybe I can get on the roof and do the back gutters. But not today. A month of days like this and I could have the back yard in good shape again. If only.

I had a large chopped salad with seeds and chick peas for lunch while watching the rest of the Pacifier with A, and I'll finish my juice this afternoon. There is fresh organic pasta in the fridge and marinara sauce from TJ's in the cupboard if i need something solid later. But for now I am calling it a good day, and once I cool down I'm heading for the shower and some clean comfy clothes assuming I can find something loose to wear.

Did I already say I Rock? Because today I definitely do.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Princess Meatball or On being addicted to Mike & Molly

It has been a challenging week, between trying to catch the house up, helping with A, and getting everything done at work I have been fairly exhausted. In the middle of it all I had an ocular migraine adding another special layer of tired over everything else.

Guilty Pleasure: I have recently discovered Mike & Molly, and while part of me can't stand the Mike half, I am laughing so much at the Molly half that I keep going back for more; like watching a train wreck. So during this trying week I discovered that I could set the series to record at any time, any day, new or re-runs, and since I never watched the original airings they are all new to me. Years worth of episodes. Sometimes I am lucky and get them in order, but mostly it doesn't matter. Each day I have two or three episodes to watch and I am immediately relaxed and usually laugh sometime during the twenty minutes or so of the actual show time. Laughter is still the best medicine, and Molly calling herself Princess Meatball after winning a leg wrestling contest with Kathy Bates did the trick for me today. (In the episode Mike had been called Meatball by the Bates character when he was a child.)

I made the pineapple juice again this week with limes, baby spinach, cucumbers and ginger. Simple, light, delicious. We've been juicing often enough that the eczema that was threatening my ears has backed off, and I've been able to cut back on both my Immune and Alfalfa Complex in the treatment of my allergies. And my nails are still strong from the thyroid meds, even though I don't seem to be eating less or having more energy yet. So even as I remain mostly the same there are changes to take note of, and I will count them as progress.

That being said, I'm in here typing because I want to jump in the car and go get some coffee ice cream. It's Friday evening and I don't want to be tired. I don't want to be old and cranky and I am shutting off the whining right now.

It should be gorgeous weather this weekend, and I am looking forward to being home, puttering away at whatever strikes my fancy outside, and sleeping as much as I want in between tasks. I'll finish up juicing anything left in the kitchen that can be processed over the next couple of days, and make a batch of roasted veggies since it is supposed to be a little cooler earlier in the evenings for a change. Sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, red onions - yum.

And maybe some more pumpkin pancakes to go in the freezer for easy weekday breakfasts. I love the crisp outside layer of a pancake heated up in the toaster.

Yaaaaaaaawn. That's about it. For now.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Broccoli in my juice

Feeling the need for more veg in my juice this morning I added in a large stalk of broccoli (no flowerets just the thick and woody stem) and it gave just a hint of something new; nice. I saved my juice for the drive home, drinking my decaf on the way to work and then driving through CJ's for a morning biscuit with butter and jam to eat at my desk. Yum. Then a chopped kale salad for lunch with added brussels sprouts, green onions and half an avocado.

Dinner was...whatever I could get my hands on that was ready. In this case it was a left over pumpkin pancake from the freezer, crisped up in the toaster then coated with peanut butter and jam. Followed by a pineapple Noosa yogurt, and several handfuls of salted roasted peanuts. I will regret this in the morning but that doesn't ever seem to stop me from grabbing something salty. Water, water, water!

Spent part of the evening waiting on A who has sprained her ankle while jumping around to Dance Party on the wii. R got an ice pack around it right away and propped her foot up on pillows; oh the sobs coming out of that six year old. But she will recover fast; the hard part will be slowing her down for a couple of days and letting it heal.

My room is growing around me again. How does this happen so quickly, all this stuff multiplying like it has a life of it's own and is bent on burying me. I will have to spend some time organizing again this weekend. I think it's time to pack up the books I left out - they are all such good friends, but I can't hold them and have no plans to read them anytime soon. I'll have to google the best way to store them so I can have someone read them to me when I am old and feeble. Ha.

Note to self: take better care of yourself.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Back To The Grind

Monday after vacation - what can I say. And then a two hour commute for the ride home due to road work. OMFG. Just Saying, as S at work is wont to say now and then. So many things to catch up, finish up or follow through on that I was thinking I would work through lunch. But instead I walked to Sprouts with a few office mates and picked up salad and brussels sprouts, green onions and an avocado. Not that I ate any of it, but at least all of the fixings are there in the fridge for me tomorrow, and it was good to get up and stretch  my legs. Of course my heels are burning tonight but oh well.

That's it. Back to work, tired and a tiny bit grumpy, but no despair on the horizon so it's all good. Better go get in a few hugs before the squirt heads to bed.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Vacation: 9&10/10

Saturday was my turn to crash. I did get up and make A eggs and bacon for breakfast, and transport her to and from a b-day party for the 'rents, and make a quick trip to the library with an overdue book. Oh, and had a quick manicure to trim and shape my unusually (for me) long nails. The thyroid meds? Anyway, a full morning followed by an afternoon on the couch; sometimes watching a movie with A and other times catching up on recorded shows. But I didn't clean or putter or anything. Just felt immobilized, which I hate and should have fought against, but the nature of being stuck is that one doesn't realize one is until later. I believe the defining moment was when A and I decided that we needed root beer floats and acted upon the compulsion. The input of HFCS and dairy laid me out rather quickly and I was nodding off on the couch, feeling drugged and overcome with fatigue.

I know that in the past I would 'binge' on carbs to intentionally induce a coma like state so I could disappear; my refuge from life, from stress, from grief. But this particular incidence was unpremeditated, and being clear enough of mind to notice the rapid effects was sort of like watching a science experiment. I don't want to do that again, I would rather feel more in control and get things done. I like accomplishing tasks, and I hate feeling like a couch potato, but that is easy to say when not in the thralls of a sugar\dairy coma.
Now it is Sunday, the end of the vacation, and I have no real plans. Well, a few small ones; juice, prep salad and veggies for the upcoming week's lunches, declutter my room, and do some prep work around the roses out front so they retain what little water they are getting. I am missing my summer colour, but I suppose it is more important to keep the trees alive at this point.

I am remembering A boogie boarding and smiling, remembering loving the air and wind at the beach, the comfort of having my sister close as we basked in the sun and played with A in the water. And paddling about in Mom's pool while we enjoyed A showing off her canon balls, and chatting while she was snorkeling about creating an underwater rainbow kingdom; later she would dub us Queens two and three of her new magical playground.  It has been good, and I have another August trip to look forward to, and another beach day with D and the kids this time. I will so love watching them seeing their daughter A diving across the incoming ocean waves. Today I will not let sugar sidetrack my good mood.
Evening has found me having accomplished very little.  I broke a sweat cleaning up the kitchen, then juiced enough for myself and R; I even cleaned the juicer when I was done. A big crisp salad was lunch, and new potatoes cooked in veggie broth with a bowl of frozen mixed veggies thrown in at the end was dinner - oh yes, and a healthy scoop of sour cream stirred in at the very end. let's not forget that rich and satisfying addition. While I have been enjoying greek yogurt, ice cream and sour cream, I have not bought nor used butter in several weeks now. Baby steps. First no sugar in my coffee, and now no butter on my potatoes. With A out of school for the summer we have also not been buying bread, so no cheese sandwiches, or PB&J's at home.

Too much tv this weekend, but after wearing myself out each morning I haven't been able to find the oomph to keep going in the afternoons.

I wish I could say I was looking forward to work in the morning, but I am not. Oh well, "I must pay the rent!" Or mortgage, or whatever. Time to end this quiet evening with tea and pj's.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Vacation: 7&8/10

Yesterday morning I packed up while A and Mom watched Enchanted. They were both so exhausted; A from the beach and Mom from our visit.  Stripping the beds and getting them into the wash, I failed to see A's two favorite friends that had fallen behind her bed; this would later come back to haunt me later. Suffice it to say that Grammie has agreed to babysit them until we return in August.

Our drive home was uneventful, stopping once for lunch and once for ice cream - I am after all, on vacation.  The dogs made a valiant effort to kiss us to death upon arriving home, and we were glad to spend some time petting and loving and reassuring them that yes we were really here. It was only three in the afternoon so we headed down to the store and we ended up making spaghetti and meatballs for everyone for dinner. A is a great little helper in the kitchen, and many hands make light work.

A relaxing evening (dishes would have to wait) with the fam and then early to bed, so very glad to be back in my own flannel sheets with my pooch.
This morning I made my decaf and puttered around the house, cleaning A's room, doing our laundry and catching up the dishes, vacuuming, and watering the trees. Just after noon I picked A up from daycare with two of her friends and took them swimming for a couple of hours. Then we drove through for cream and back to the house for another hour of games. Once more A and I headed to the store, this time dinner would be burritos. The 'rents are working and we are not; it is the right thing to do. We prepped the veggies, shredded cheese, and packed it all away until later when everyone would help themselves.

Finally plopping down in front of the tv for some rest we watched SYTYCD and were delighted with the new Stage vs Street format. So much fun and talent; we are expecting a great season.

And now everyone is fed, and tired. A is getting ready for bed and the house is settling down. I have kept busy, on my feet or swimming, for days and I ache everywhere, but my mind has been willing and in a good mood, so that makes all the difference. A and I have had a fun five days together, and I know it is just the first of many road trips, and shared vacation days. I am so very blessed.

I can't believe it is only two more days until I am back to work; Tempus Fugit and all that. But it has been time well spent.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Vacation: 6/10

After several attempts to connect to the net I finally got in through Google.  An old computer and a new wireless connection are not a marriage made in heaven.

The ride down was uneventful despite a half hours delay due to to much needed road work; they are finally expanding HWY 5!  We will hit the same delay going home but it's a small price to pay for future traveling.

Our first evening here we spent in the pool watching the sky darken. The pool has been covered up in the heat and was a large bathtub at 96 degrees. Family came over to visit while we were swimming and it was wonderful to see them and catch up. K and R are cousins of an age, but their kids are ten years apart. No matter, they play together and rough house and it's all very delightful.

Yesterday was more swimming, a trip to the store for a few necessities, playing Telestrations with the cousins and Mom, and then pot pies for dinner on the patio.  A final dip in the pool with lots of cannon balls from the tall edge by A and the day was almost over. After ending my day alone with The Fugitive and ginger snaps, I snuck in the the room A and I are sharing and must have fallen asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Mom and I are both exhausted.

Today we head to Ventura to visit A's aunt D and the beach by her house. A picnic lunch, sandcastles, and everything else the beach has to offer in the way of soft salt air, earthy smells and warm sun has been on our mind all morning. In fact, it's time to get A in the shower, braid back her hair, and get ready to leave. I can't believe it's been almost a year since our last beach trip. My Bad.
We had such a marvelous day at the beach I had to post a picture. This is A immersing herself into the beach. She rode her first boogie board today by herself and practiced diving over waves. She is just awesome, even when she is scaring me to death.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Vacation 3/10 :: Foxtails 3/3

R made juice this morning, a dark purple full of strawberries and cabbage, kale and cucumber, ginger and beets, an apple, a couple of kiwis - maybe the kitchen sink too but I lost track. Whatever, I surely did enjoy it. I am taking it easy in my room after a rude awakening in the middle of the night, my hand a hot cramping mess, and then a morning of stiffness, my hand swollen and uncooperative. After many questions and answers with the advice nurse we determined I could wait to see my regular physician tomorrow. So our trip is delayed, by how  much only tomorrow will tell, but I definitely cannot drive with my hand as it is.

I am too young to be old and frail, and a little pissed off about it this morning. I know that the anger will pass, but what I don't know is if I have finally had a loud enough wake up call to take care of myself. Another story to be told by time.
I rested much of the day, icing my hand a few time. Then there was a little puttering a little in the back yard, putting away dishes, a quick trip to the grocery store to see how my hand felt on the steering wheel. Not bad, not good. I don't know if there is anything the Dr. will be able to tell me tomorrow morning, and our road trip is still undecided. A is the optimist and she has packed. I'll throw some things together before going to bed tonight, and can finish up tomorrow if I decide we are going.

And if we go I'll be leaving Kaylee here, having A along will be plenty in the company and responsibility departments. I just wish I felt better, I wish I felt like going.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Vacation 2/10 :: Foxtails 2/3

Today's goal is across the back fence of the yard; clearing away all foxtails and composting all of the dead privet leaves. I would like it to be nothing but dirt back there when I am through. "Like", not "Expect."

An early trip to the grocery store and I have ginger for juice this afternoon once the kitchen is done. I have rolls in case I have girls for lunch and swimming, and a box of  triple washed baby power greens for lunch. I also have a back up box of organic Mac & Cheese if the girls are here and being difficult, along with a huge ripe pomegranate. I don't know if S loves them but A sure does.  I also picked up bacon for the kids and breakfast potatoes in case they need a sunday morning meal. Oh and luscious looking strawberries and a small container of Half n Half. Small but important details.

Audio book ready to go, dressed for chores, and headed out back as it's already getting warm.
Well I made a dent. Better than nothing. My afternoon was hijacked by the little girls; lunch, swimming,  Dance Party and Telestrations. I let them wind down with the Croods Wii game while I worked some more on the dishes; at least they are almost all caught up and I will feel like juicing in the morning in a kitchen once again welcoming instead of scarey.

We were only at the pool about an hour and a half but the breeze was so nice I never actually went in the water with them. Subsequently I am a tad bit burned; weird.

I broke the news to A that she was going to accompany me to visit Grammie next week for a few days and her ultimatum for going? That she get to use a real suitcase. Kids! This will give her a little road trip, her parents some time alone, and some much needed time for her with my Mom who I know misses her, and with my sister who I am guessing is also looking forward to our beach date.. That will be Wednesday in Ventura and I know we are both looking forward to some ocean waves and sand. Hard to believe it's been a year since our trip to Half Moon Bay and the awesome wedding of J & M, and the amazing beach house we all fell in love with. If it were more affordable I would go back every year.

But first I have tomorrow to play catch up in the back yard. I know R & M plan on spending time with A since they won't see her for most of four days and all of three nights, so I should be able to plan my day as I see fit. I'll start earlier than I did today. By the time I was home from the store it was already getting hot outside and I couldn't last more than half an hour at a time weeding and raking in the heat. Oh to be thirty again! Would I do anything different? Would I learn from my mistakes? Do I even know what my mistakes were? Well, yes, some of them for sure, but what if a perceived mistake was actually of benefit to someone down the line? It's all very complicated, and I am very wary of butterfly wings and paradoxes when I start wishing for a do over. Very.

Time to call it a day, well, maybe just a little more puttering here and there, and then make some chamomile tea on a Summer evening turned suddenly chilly, and then turn in with Jonathan Strange & Mister Norrell for company.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Vacation 1/10 :: Foxtails 1/3

After Kaylee's foray into the world of dental infections due to impacted foxtails I am focusing on clearing out the back yard in order to thwart a repeat performance. Damn this drought and my laziness and my penchant for afternoon naps. But the timing is good, the weather down in the 80's, and vacation time to spend on the project. But First - the kitchen. After two longer than usual days at work preparing for my absence I could not find it in my to do anything in there other than prepare snacks and\or dinner for A since R is also having long work days. I'm giving myself a break, a long day at work followed by a six year old is not conducive to cleaning at night if you're doing it right.

I am trying not to 'plan' how this is going to go. I know from experience that I will wander from one thing to another until they are all done; laundry, dishes & foxtails. I have three days until leaving to visit Mom, and it is vacation time after all - no pressure, no perfection, just progress. The fact that I am already dressed and have had my coffee before 8am on a 'sleep in' day is a good sign. And I am looking forward to NOT sitting at my desk for eight hours; just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I must say I am missing the juice, I may have to take time to add that in ~~~~~~~

The back yard along the right fence is weeded and trimmed, the wild tangle of jasmine, privet and roses cut away to reveal a path to behind the garage. The green waste is full for the time being, after it sits overnight I will force it down to make room for tomorrow's contribution.

Two loads of laundry - done. One rotation of dishes - done. Errands with the child - done. A healthy dinner - not so much. I swear this is my last dinner of popcorn, I can't stand the morning swelling, but I am tired after the day's exertions and can't face the kitchen yet.

Progress, not perfection. All is well.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 5/5 - juicing for nutrition

Juice: kale, sweet potato, carrots, cucumber, orange, lemon, apple. We were out of ginger and I missed the spicy back our juice usually sports. But it was good, and I drank mine for lunch. Drinking juice is an art made up of mostly sipping over the course of an hour or so. This way your body can work on digesting and absorbing absolutely all of the nutrition in every little drink; you want to savour, not gulp, your way through a freshly squeezed juice.

Another eight hours without a break, working one short from our team and lots to be done. Then home to rest and colour for a bit before picking up A and running an errand to pick up fish food for her Beta, Fire Breather. The first time home I found the old bottle of pellets chewed up and empty on the couch. Damn those dogs. After making three trips to two different pet stores we finally had the best of the choices; hopefully it will suffice and I am sure the fish thinks it is better than nothing.

For me it was organic noodles freshly cooked and stirred up with some microwaved veggies and a liberal splashing of sesame oil, tamari, and some szechuan stir fry sauce. I know, salt and sugar, but also warm and comforting and easy. And real food, lets not forget that part.

The kitchen has taken on a life of it's own, so tomorrow I will clean instead of juicing. I hate that it's been over ten years and my back is still pinching. Another weight thing? Maybe someday I will find out. But in the meantime I am still moderating how much I do each day so that I am not crotchety with the pain.

Time to cuddle and relax and call it a day.

Day 4/4 - juicing for nutrition

Beets were the star of this day's juice, with kiwi and apple, spinach and cucumber, lemon and ginger. It was earthy and spicy and delicious. And I needed the energy as the day became the longest one I have had in a long time.

First there was the prepping & juicing before work, then six hours without a break because I was leaving early to take Kaylee to have her teeth cleaned. A 45 minute appt. at 3:15 became a 2 hour ordeal during which she was given antibiotics, had four extractions, and had to be sedated for the last half hour of it all. She had foxtails in the back of her jaw that had become impacted around two of her molars on one side and then infected. (At least now we know why her breath had become so bad, and her little kisses are once again sweet.)

Arriving home I rushed off with M and A to meet R for dinner at Simply Fondue to celebrate M's birthday. Who knew dinner could take two hours in the US of A! Once home I discovered that Kaylee's antibiotics were missing and had to trek back down to the restaurant to retrieve them, having discovered they had fallen out of my purse during A's rummaging through my purse.

And dinner wasn't relaxing, it is a do it yourself affair which I didn't realize was impacting my back until driving home the second time around. By then it was after 8pm and I was dead on my feet. I was in bed by 9pm and slept through until 5:30am straight - I haven't done that in probably years!

I may have to skip juicing tomorrow - the dishes are piling up and I apparently can't do both.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 3/3 - juicing for nutrition

This morning I did not rush out of the house, nor did I arrive at work on time. But that's okay. Because I did take the time to juice for myself and R (and rinse out the juicer) before packing up and hitting the road.

And such a delicious juice! Pineapple, Kale, lemon,cucumbers and ginger. In other terms, the holy trinity of juices plus pineapple and kale. Because googling juicing is like seeing cucumbers, lemon & ginger over and over and over again. Change up the greens & herbs you use and the fruit to sweeten your concoction (because who wants to drink dirt) and there you have a basic juicing recipe. Lemon & ginger can balance any other strong flavour while the cucumber seems to act as a mediator, making everyone place nice together in your glass.

I feel better. Yes I ate crap during the past three days, but this infusion of nutrients has made a difference in my mood and energy. Or maybe the juicing just synched up with my natural bio-rhythms and I would have felt better anyway. It doesn't matter. Feeling this way is incentive to juice at least a few times every week in place of a regular meal. Besides, once I have spent the energy to clean, chop and juice and then later clean up afterwards, it makes it easier to say no to the next bad thing that comes to mind.

Also, the reality is that this morning I wouldn't have taken the time had I not been juicing for R too. I awoke late, had to shower, and it was time to leave. But I basically work flex hours as managers do so I made myself follow through, which is overstating it because there was no way I was going to disappoint R.

Yesterday R made pizza dough, and I had saved mine for today since we had sandwiches for lunch and that was enough bread for one day. A helped me make my pizza this evening and while I didn't get the crust thin enough it was fresh and delicious. Sauce, mozzarella, red onion, kalamata olives, garden tomatoes and artichoke hearts. I was hoping there would be some feta left in the fridge but it was gone. No matter, the pizza was great.

So moderation - once again that ideaology crops up as a way to manage food, and life. Maybe people too. I will say that it felt like I was pumping my body full of sugar, and my future juices will be back to the normal ratio of less fruit and more veg. But these are my new normals; juicing, no added sugar, no meat, and limited dairy. Oh, and DRINK MY WATER! Better go tap that.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 2/3 - juicing for nutrition

Yesterday's juice was wonderful, the arugula a nice surprise. Today's surprise ingredient is Mint! Fresh mint, oranges, carrots, green apples. Definitely a different type of juice with more fruit than veg, and utterly enjoyable. My first impression was of an orange mojito. Yum. I also picked a few extra oranges and juiced them afterwards to flavour the water today. You know, just change things up a little bit.

Last night was the recently typical fourth of July; big banks & shaking dogs. I have had so many awesome 4ths, and so many filled with drama, I am happy to sit them out for a bit. Next year I will be ordering doggie downers for the event - it's just too hard on them.

As for me, I was absorbed in the shows and movies I had taped in preparation and indulged in some chips and onion dip. And two Applegate hot dogs; one with tomatoes, red onions & jalapeno and one just plain with ketchup. Before dark I had driven though for an oreo blast and that was my last indulgence for the day. I am regretting the chips this morning, my hands swollen and my trigger finger annoying me no end.  If M keeps working I will be able to save up to have the surgery later this year.

It's going to dip back into the 80's for the next few days, thank heavens, and I am looking forward to getting some fresh air. It was so lovely in the back yard this morning picking oranges; I am inspired to keep working back there to get it cleared out and have a nice place to hang out in the mornings and evenings.

There is always something beautiful and positive offered by the earth each day, no matter how small or fleeting, and I am thankful for them all. Oh, which reminds me, the moon was amazing last night. It was about 11:30 and I poked my head out the door to see what the temperature was and there she was, shining like a harvest moon all orange and golden and glamorous. After adoring her for a bit more I took my frantic panting dog and headed to bed, to keep her company until the booming ceased for the night.

ps  the juices are from here; a free download for glowing skin.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day 1/3 - juicing for nutrition

R was planning a three day skin regime of juicing, fruit and smoothies, so  I jumped on the bandwagon. She wrote out a long grocery list yesterday and while she shopped I wiped down the fridge. (We had already tossed anything old earlier.) Then A and I went swimming, returning two hours later calm and hungry as swimming tends to make one.

This morning we made our first juice:
Arugula, purple grapes, red cabbage, lemon, cucumber & green apple. So very delicious. A beginner to juices might have found the arugula overpowering, but the sweet grape back accented the green loveliness of it IMHO. Our snack later is fruit of our choice. I have Fuhrman's list of most nutritionally dense foods on the fridge and I will choose my fruit from there; berries being at the top of the list.

It is fun to do this with someone, even if for different reasons. I need to get rid of my stomach which has begun feeling like a sixth appendage. She is wanting to give her skin a nutritional boost. Really it all amounts to the same thing; feeding our bodies the nutrients they are lacking.  We ate well yesterday (ok, except for my ice cream bar - Friday is dessert day around here) and kept busy all morning around the house before setting off on our mutually beneficial tasks (shopping & swimming.) The evening ended with a game of Life with A (which I finally won) before heading off to our rooms to finally relax.

We agree that we need to keep our home free from sugar, bread & dairy. I do have my little exceptions. There is a small container of sour cream to finish off, and some grated parmesan. Those were my two exceptions the years I was loosing weight so I don't mind them hanging around.

This morning I cleared off cobwebs from the patio (drought decorations) and cleared away all the dead and dried up bits of plants. While pots empty of everything but dirt are not the most appealing landscape they are better than pots overflowing with brown and scraggly remnants of the  previous summers colours and scents.

There will be some laundry and more swimming today. A macaroni salad to make for the kids to take with them to a BBQ. Then keeping close to the dogs as they shiver and whine when the M80's are going off. Damn those neighborhood  kids (ok, probably in their 20's & 30's). I have recorded several things on the DVR to keep myself diverted for the evening, and will probably drive through for a hot dog later. A small salute to memories past. And I will certainly be craving junk food by then. Maybe. We'll see.

I'm already feeling better mentally and physically and it may just be that I don't want to rock this particular boat.

So many things to do, Happy Fourth!