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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 5/5 - juicing for nutrition

Juice: kale, sweet potato, carrots, cucumber, orange, lemon, apple. We were out of ginger and I missed the spicy back our juice usually sports. But it was good, and I drank mine for lunch. Drinking juice is an art made up of mostly sipping over the course of an hour or so. This way your body can work on digesting and absorbing absolutely all of the nutrition in every little drink; you want to savour, not gulp, your way through a freshly squeezed juice.

Another eight hours without a break, working one short from our team and lots to be done. Then home to rest and colour for a bit before picking up A and running an errand to pick up fish food for her Beta, Fire Breather. The first time home I found the old bottle of pellets chewed up and empty on the couch. Damn those dogs. After making three trips to two different pet stores we finally had the best of the choices; hopefully it will suffice and I am sure the fish thinks it is better than nothing.

For me it was organic noodles freshly cooked and stirred up with some microwaved veggies and a liberal splashing of sesame oil, tamari, and some szechuan stir fry sauce. I know, salt and sugar, but also warm and comforting and easy. And real food, lets not forget that part.

The kitchen has taken on a life of it's own, so tomorrow I will clean instead of juicing. I hate that it's been over ten years and my back is still pinching. Another weight thing? Maybe someday I will find out. But in the meantime I am still moderating how much I do each day so that I am not crotchety with the pain.

Time to cuddle and relax and call it a day.

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