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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Broccoli in my juice

Feeling the need for more veg in my juice this morning I added in a large stalk of broccoli (no flowerets just the thick and woody stem) and it gave just a hint of something new; nice. I saved my juice for the drive home, drinking my decaf on the way to work and then driving through CJ's for a morning biscuit with butter and jam to eat at my desk. Yum. Then a chopped kale salad for lunch with added brussels sprouts, green onions and half an avocado.

Dinner was...whatever I could get my hands on that was ready. In this case it was a left over pumpkin pancake from the freezer, crisped up in the toaster then coated with peanut butter and jam. Followed by a pineapple Noosa yogurt, and several handfuls of salted roasted peanuts. I will regret this in the morning but that doesn't ever seem to stop me from grabbing something salty. Water, water, water!

Spent part of the evening waiting on A who has sprained her ankle while jumping around to Dance Party on the wii. R got an ice pack around it right away and propped her foot up on pillows; oh the sobs coming out of that six year old. But she will recover fast; the hard part will be slowing her down for a couple of days and letting it heal.

My room is growing around me again. How does this happen so quickly, all this stuff multiplying like it has a life of it's own and is bent on burying me. I will have to spend some time organizing again this weekend. I think it's time to pack up the books I left out - they are all such good friends, but I can't hold them and have no plans to read them anytime soon. I'll have to google the best way to store them so I can have someone read them to me when I am old and feeble. Ha.

Note to self: take better care of yourself.

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