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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 4/4 - juicing for nutrition

Beets were the star of this day's juice, with kiwi and apple, spinach and cucumber, lemon and ginger. It was earthy and spicy and delicious. And I needed the energy as the day became the longest one I have had in a long time.

First there was the prepping & juicing before work, then six hours without a break because I was leaving early to take Kaylee to have her teeth cleaned. A 45 minute appt. at 3:15 became a 2 hour ordeal during which she was given antibiotics, had four extractions, and had to be sedated for the last half hour of it all. She had foxtails in the back of her jaw that had become impacted around two of her molars on one side and then infected. (At least now we know why her breath had become so bad, and her little kisses are once again sweet.)

Arriving home I rushed off with M and A to meet R for dinner at Simply Fondue to celebrate M's birthday. Who knew dinner could take two hours in the US of A! Once home I discovered that Kaylee's antibiotics were missing and had to trek back down to the restaurant to retrieve them, having discovered they had fallen out of my purse during A's rummaging through my purse.

And dinner wasn't relaxing, it is a do it yourself affair which I didn't realize was impacting my back until driving home the second time around. By then it was after 8pm and I was dead on my feet. I was in bed by 9pm and slept through until 5:30am straight - I haven't done that in probably years!

I may have to skip juicing tomorrow - the dishes are piling up and I apparently can't do both.

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