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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Vacation 2/10 :: Foxtails 2/3

Today's goal is across the back fence of the yard; clearing away all foxtails and composting all of the dead privet leaves. I would like it to be nothing but dirt back there when I am through. "Like", not "Expect."

An early trip to the grocery store and I have ginger for juice this afternoon once the kitchen is done. I have rolls in case I have girls for lunch and swimming, and a box of  triple washed baby power greens for lunch. I also have a back up box of organic Mac & Cheese if the girls are here and being difficult, along with a huge ripe pomegranate. I don't know if S loves them but A sure does.  I also picked up bacon for the kids and breakfast potatoes in case they need a sunday morning meal. Oh and luscious looking strawberries and a small container of Half n Half. Small but important details.

Audio book ready to go, dressed for chores, and headed out back as it's already getting warm.
Well I made a dent. Better than nothing. My afternoon was hijacked by the little girls; lunch, swimming,  Dance Party and Telestrations. I let them wind down with the Croods Wii game while I worked some more on the dishes; at least they are almost all caught up and I will feel like juicing in the morning in a kitchen once again welcoming instead of scarey.

We were only at the pool about an hour and a half but the breeze was so nice I never actually went in the water with them. Subsequently I am a tad bit burned; weird.

I broke the news to A that she was going to accompany me to visit Grammie next week for a few days and her ultimatum for going? That she get to use a real suitcase. Kids! This will give her a little road trip, her parents some time alone, and some much needed time for her with my Mom who I know misses her, and with my sister who I am guessing is also looking forward to our beach date.. That will be Wednesday in Ventura and I know we are both looking forward to some ocean waves and sand. Hard to believe it's been a year since our trip to Half Moon Bay and the awesome wedding of J & M, and the amazing beach house we all fell in love with. If it were more affordable I would go back every year.

But first I have tomorrow to play catch up in the back yard. I know R & M plan on spending time with A since they won't see her for most of four days and all of three nights, so I should be able to plan my day as I see fit. I'll start earlier than I did today. By the time I was home from the store it was already getting hot outside and I couldn't last more than half an hour at a time weeding and raking in the heat. Oh to be thirty again! Would I do anything different? Would I learn from my mistakes? Do I even know what my mistakes were? Well, yes, some of them for sure, but what if a perceived mistake was actually of benefit to someone down the line? It's all very complicated, and I am very wary of butterfly wings and paradoxes when I start wishing for a do over. Very.

Time to call it a day, well, maybe just a little more puttering here and there, and then make some chamomile tea on a Summer evening turned suddenly chilly, and then turn in with Jonathan Strange & Mister Norrell for company.

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