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Friday, July 10, 2015

Vacation 1/10 :: Foxtails 1/3

After Kaylee's foray into the world of dental infections due to impacted foxtails I am focusing on clearing out the back yard in order to thwart a repeat performance. Damn this drought and my laziness and my penchant for afternoon naps. But the timing is good, the weather down in the 80's, and vacation time to spend on the project. But First - the kitchen. After two longer than usual days at work preparing for my absence I could not find it in my to do anything in there other than prepare snacks and\or dinner for A since R is also having long work days. I'm giving myself a break, a long day at work followed by a six year old is not conducive to cleaning at night if you're doing it right.

I am trying not to 'plan' how this is going to go. I know from experience that I will wander from one thing to another until they are all done; laundry, dishes & foxtails. I have three days until leaving to visit Mom, and it is vacation time after all - no pressure, no perfection, just progress. The fact that I am already dressed and have had my coffee before 8am on a 'sleep in' day is a good sign. And I am looking forward to NOT sitting at my desk for eight hours; just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I must say I am missing the juice, I may have to take time to add that in ~~~~~~~

The back yard along the right fence is weeded and trimmed, the wild tangle of jasmine, privet and roses cut away to reveal a path to behind the garage. The green waste is full for the time being, after it sits overnight I will force it down to make room for tomorrow's contribution.

Two loads of laundry - done. One rotation of dishes - done. Errands with the child - done. A healthy dinner - not so much. I swear this is my last dinner of popcorn, I can't stand the morning swelling, but I am tired after the day's exertions and can't face the kitchen yet.

Progress, not perfection. All is well.

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