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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Status: Brain set to normal, Body on go go go

Waking up to a very special and rare feeling of normalcy I was happy about everything. Optimistic about eating well, moving all day, accomplishing tasks, I dressed in cut off blue jeans and a white t-shirt and headed to the kitchen where I made my decaf and cleaned the juicer.

Heading out back I picked a dozen small oranges from my Valencia Orange tree and coming in I proceeded to rinse and skin them in preparation of juicing later. Later because A was up and I was helping her with her hair. She is doing a better job of detangling all the time, but I like to give it a once over when she is through battling. Back to the kitchen to skin the last lime and half a lemon, chop up cucumbers, one small beet and one green apple, and a thumb of ginger. A box of baby kale and power greens went in the juicer first, followed by everything else, mixing the harder veggies and the squishy fruit to get an optimal amount of juice.

Dark purple (mix magenta and brown to visualize) and tangy I ended up with two large pickle jars and one med jar of juice to last me the day; I will save a jar for R as a pick me up when she returns later.

Exhausted I sat and watched the end of a movie, during which I found myself eating a small bowl of pumpkin granola, diced fresh banana and almond milk. TV is NOT my friend when it comes to eating habits. But there was nothing wrong with what I had, and it provided the energy for what came next. An hour of pruning and shaping trees, and cutting up small branches to maximize space in the green waste cart. Sweaty and loose from the mornings work I am afraid to sit down for very long and let my muscles tighten up. I'm going to gulp some water, take a swig of juice, and head back up to finish the crepe myrtle tree out front after I finish up here. Oh, and the trees were all given a drink from the hose. I am so loving this day; a nice breeze and 73 outside on it's way up to 82. Perfect weather. For anything. And a match to my normal brain. I love feeling this happiness, this lack of bitter, this can do attitude. And my usual prayer goes up to heaven - please let this last, please.

Maybe it's all the Chia I've been adding to my juices.
Wow, who knew I could still climb half way up an eight foot ladder and cut a dead branch off one of the privet trees using my limb saver chainsaw??? I Rock. A helped me break up all of the small dead branches and load them into the cart. It was already 3/4 full from the morning's work and now it is full - for the moment - if I am not disabled in the morning I'll pack it down and do another branch. Because of course now that the large dead branch is gone I can see three more live ones that need to go in order for the tree to have a pleasing shape again. God that felt good. I am soaked with sweat, sawdust and a small patch of blood on my ankle from when I accidentally knocked the saw from where I had balanced it on the top of the fence. Yes I was up that high. And if I can do this then maybe I can get on the roof and do the back gutters. But not today. A month of days like this and I could have the back yard in good shape again. If only.

I had a large chopped salad with seeds and chick peas for lunch while watching the rest of the Pacifier with A, and I'll finish my juice this afternoon. There is fresh organic pasta in the fridge and marinara sauce from TJ's in the cupboard if i need something solid later. But for now I am calling it a good day, and once I cool down I'm heading for the shower and some clean comfy clothes assuming I can find something loose to wear.

Did I already say I Rock? Because today I definitely do.

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