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Monday, July 20, 2015

Back To The Grind

Monday after vacation - what can I say. And then a two hour commute for the ride home due to road work. OMFG. Just Saying, as S at work is wont to say now and then. So many things to catch up, finish up or follow through on that I was thinking I would work through lunch. But instead I walked to Sprouts with a few office mates and picked up salad and brussels sprouts, green onions and an avocado. Not that I ate any of it, but at least all of the fixings are there in the fridge for me tomorrow, and it was good to get up and stretch  my legs. Of course my heels are burning tonight but oh well.

That's it. Back to work, tired and a tiny bit grumpy, but no despair on the horizon so it's all good. Better go get in a few hugs before the squirt heads to bed.

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