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Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 3/3 - juicing for nutrition

This morning I did not rush out of the house, nor did I arrive at work on time. But that's okay. Because I did take the time to juice for myself and R (and rinse out the juicer) before packing up and hitting the road.

And such a delicious juice! Pineapple, Kale, lemon,cucumbers and ginger. In other terms, the holy trinity of juices plus pineapple and kale. Because googling juicing is like seeing cucumbers, lemon & ginger over and over and over again. Change up the greens & herbs you use and the fruit to sweeten your concoction (because who wants to drink dirt) and there you have a basic juicing recipe. Lemon & ginger can balance any other strong flavour while the cucumber seems to act as a mediator, making everyone place nice together in your glass.

I feel better. Yes I ate crap during the past three days, but this infusion of nutrients has made a difference in my mood and energy. Or maybe the juicing just synched up with my natural bio-rhythms and I would have felt better anyway. It doesn't matter. Feeling this way is incentive to juice at least a few times every week in place of a regular meal. Besides, once I have spent the energy to clean, chop and juice and then later clean up afterwards, it makes it easier to say no to the next bad thing that comes to mind.

Also, the reality is that this morning I wouldn't have taken the time had I not been juicing for R too. I awoke late, had to shower, and it was time to leave. But I basically work flex hours as managers do so I made myself follow through, which is overstating it because there was no way I was going to disappoint R.

Yesterday R made pizza dough, and I had saved mine for today since we had sandwiches for lunch and that was enough bread for one day. A helped me make my pizza this evening and while I didn't get the crust thin enough it was fresh and delicious. Sauce, mozzarella, red onion, kalamata olives, garden tomatoes and artichoke hearts. I was hoping there would be some feta left in the fridge but it was gone. No matter, the pizza was great.

So moderation - once again that ideaology crops up as a way to manage food, and life. Maybe people too. I will say that it felt like I was pumping my body full of sugar, and my future juices will be back to the normal ratio of less fruit and more veg. But these are my new normals; juicing, no added sugar, no meat, and limited dairy. Oh, and DRINK MY WATER! Better go tap that.

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