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Friday, July 24, 2015

Princess Meatball or On being addicted to Mike & Molly

It has been a challenging week, between trying to catch the house up, helping with A, and getting everything done at work I have been fairly exhausted. In the middle of it all I had an ocular migraine adding another special layer of tired over everything else.

Guilty Pleasure: I have recently discovered Mike & Molly, and while part of me can't stand the Mike half, I am laughing so much at the Molly half that I keep going back for more; like watching a train wreck. So during this trying week I discovered that I could set the series to record at any time, any day, new or re-runs, and since I never watched the original airings they are all new to me. Years worth of episodes. Sometimes I am lucky and get them in order, but mostly it doesn't matter. Each day I have two or three episodes to watch and I am immediately relaxed and usually laugh sometime during the twenty minutes or so of the actual show time. Laughter is still the best medicine, and Molly calling herself Princess Meatball after winning a leg wrestling contest with Kathy Bates did the trick for me today. (In the episode Mike had been called Meatball by the Bates character when he was a child.)

I made the pineapple juice again this week with limes, baby spinach, cucumbers and ginger. Simple, light, delicious. We've been juicing often enough that the eczema that was threatening my ears has backed off, and I've been able to cut back on both my Immune and Alfalfa Complex in the treatment of my allergies. And my nails are still strong from the thyroid meds, even though I don't seem to be eating less or having more energy yet. So even as I remain mostly the same there are changes to take note of, and I will count them as progress.

That being said, I'm in here typing because I want to jump in the car and go get some coffee ice cream. It's Friday evening and I don't want to be tired. I don't want to be old and cranky and I am shutting off the whining right now.

It should be gorgeous weather this weekend, and I am looking forward to being home, puttering away at whatever strikes my fancy outside, and sleeping as much as I want in between tasks. I'll finish up juicing anything left in the kitchen that can be processed over the next couple of days, and make a batch of roasted veggies since it is supposed to be a little cooler earlier in the evenings for a change. Sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, red onions - yum.

And maybe some more pumpkin pancakes to go in the freezer for easy weekday breakfasts. I love the crisp outside layer of a pancake heated up in the toaster.

Yaaaaaaaawn. That's about it. For now.

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