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Sunday, July 26, 2015

A good two days

It was 6:19pm on the car clock when my oomph vanished in the wakes of a large drawn out yawn. I had three bags of groceries with me in the car, and plans to roast veggies when I got home; enchiladas were on my mind but I knew in that moment that I wouldn't be making them tonight. I did get the groceries put away and an ear of corn in the microwave before I crashed in front of the tv with a lemon yogurt.

But my mood and energy had combined to keep me outside on and off most of the day and it was no wonder I was ready to wind down. Another branch sawn off the privet tree and broken into little pieces for the cart - which is now jam packed full - and I feel really good about the dent I made in back.  Then a longer than normal shower, some more tv, and then off to the store for supplies. I have fruits and greens to juice, veggies, corn tortillas and enchilada sauce for me, and a pork shoulder and a pot roast for the kids. I was on the way home when the formerly mentioned 6:19 incident occurred.

I haven't done much but watch tv for the last several hours. I had made a cup of Yerba Matte around 4 and now I am twitchy and not falling asleep, but have no desire to put my apparent nervous energy to work. I have to remind myself that it was a good day, that I kept moving for most of it, and didn't have any ice cream. That's a win, right?

Tomorrow begins another work week, and I had to spend a few minutes refilling both my am and pm vitamin boxes with the daily allotments of pills; what a tragic way to ear mark the passing of time.

I am thankful that I had this beautiful weekend, that I was strong enough to work outside, that the combination of work and wind and sun made me feel alive and worthy and younger than I have felt in a while. That is what I am focusing on, not the other crap.

Thank heavens for the cool breeze coming in my window and the clean water close at hand. I am so very grateful; despite my meandering mind my heart is steady and I am ready for another Monday.

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