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Thursday, November 24, 2011


"If I set the table for us will you sit and eat dinner with me?"

"I guess"

Enuf said.

Happy Thanksgiving.

This is why we shouldn't depend on others for our happiness.

Good movie, good wine, good food, a good day and lots to be thankful for despite aforementioned evidence to the contrary.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A good Day

Busy busy busy. Blending up some Ibarra hot chocolate to fill thermoses, blowing up balloons to decorate a party at the park, and romping with children on a beautiful Fall day; how wonderful it all was. Later buying groceries I indulged in a loaf of 9 grain sourdough and some sliced Munster for grilled cheese tomorrow, but for dinner today picked up portobello caps and a small container of real full fat sour cream. Yum.

1.  Put brown rice on to steam FIRST since it takes an hour.
2. Start the pancetta browning in a little oil
3. Preheat oven to 400
4. Scrub and chop ten large carrots; toss well with a little oil, black pepper and salt free spices; set aside
5. Dice up the mushroom caps and add to the pan of pancetta. Dice up 1 medium onion and set aside.
6. Spread out the carrots on a baking tray and into the oven; timer set for 30 minutes
7. Stirring occasionally, wait for the shrooms to shrink and brown up nicely (10-15 minutes) then add the diced onion. Let mixture cook until onion is soft and moisture is gone. Deglaze with enough veggie broth to cover veggies, add 1T Worcestershire sauce & black pepper. Simmer until broth is reduced by half then turn on low.
8. When timer rings for carrots turn off oven, keeping carrots warm inside.
9. When timer rings for rice, stir in half the container of sour cream to veggie pan until well blended and heated through. If needed, season with Salt Free blend of choice. Remove carrots from oven.
10. Put half of the rice from steamer into a bowl and stir in 1T butter.
11. Serve Rice in two bowls, each topped with Stroganoff veggies, leaving room in each bowl for half the roasted carrots. Any left over rice and veggies and be saved to start another dish another day.

What a wonderful early dinner on what has become a dark and cold day. There is sour cream left over for tomorrow night's baked potatoes, and yes, my weekend is apparently revolving around food. Which is fine by me.  We had pizza, hot chocolate and cupcakes (tiny, beautiful, light & delicious) for lunch, and I plan on toast and peanut butter for breakfast in the morning.

I got lots of hugs this morning from my granddaughter who will be three on Monday. Lots of running around and fun at the park, a few tears at the swings, some great presents, and wonderful seeing so many faces that I love to see.  Today is a good day.