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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day 1/3 - juicing for nutrition

R was planning a three day skin regime of juicing, fruit and smoothies, so  I jumped on the bandwagon. She wrote out a long grocery list yesterday and while she shopped I wiped down the fridge. (We had already tossed anything old earlier.) Then A and I went swimming, returning two hours later calm and hungry as swimming tends to make one.

This morning we made our first juice:
Arugula, purple grapes, red cabbage, lemon, cucumber & green apple. So very delicious. A beginner to juices might have found the arugula overpowering, but the sweet grape back accented the green loveliness of it IMHO. Our snack later is fruit of our choice. I have Fuhrman's list of most nutritionally dense foods on the fridge and I will choose my fruit from there; berries being at the top of the list.

It is fun to do this with someone, even if for different reasons. I need to get rid of my stomach which has begun feeling like a sixth appendage. She is wanting to give her skin a nutritional boost. Really it all amounts to the same thing; feeding our bodies the nutrients they are lacking.  We ate well yesterday (ok, except for my ice cream bar - Friday is dessert day around here) and kept busy all morning around the house before setting off on our mutually beneficial tasks (shopping & swimming.) The evening ended with a game of Life with A (which I finally won) before heading off to our rooms to finally relax.

We agree that we need to keep our home free from sugar, bread & dairy. I do have my little exceptions. There is a small container of sour cream to finish off, and some grated parmesan. Those were my two exceptions the years I was loosing weight so I don't mind them hanging around.

This morning I cleared off cobwebs from the patio (drought decorations) and cleared away all the dead and dried up bits of plants. While pots empty of everything but dirt are not the most appealing landscape they are better than pots overflowing with brown and scraggly remnants of the  previous summers colours and scents.

There will be some laundry and more swimming today. A macaroni salad to make for the kids to take with them to a BBQ. Then keeping close to the dogs as they shiver and whine when the M80's are going off. Damn those neighborhood  kids (ok, probably in their 20's & 30's). I have recorded several things on the DVR to keep myself diverted for the evening, and will probably drive through for a hot dog later. A small salute to memories past. And I will certainly be craving junk food by then. Maybe. We'll see.

I'm already feeling better mentally and physically and it may just be that I don't want to rock this particular boat.

So many things to do, Happy Fourth!

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