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Monday, June 29, 2015

Still Tired

I couldn't wake up this morning, yawning on the way to work, lethargic about my duties once there. It was a treat when the server went down and after lunch I headed home. So much of our work these days is computer centric; how far fetched are the stories about ending civilization as we know it by bringing down the tech? Probably not so very.

After a nap at home I picked up A and we had a good prevening together. Now I am ready to lie down again and let myself drift off. It's gotten to the point that I may be afraid enough to start taking better care of myself. All of the determination that comes and goes has ebbed to an all time low; wasn't it only days ago I was feeling so positive I was on an upward spiral? Wrong.

My dogs are killing me, and I am giving up the ghost.

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