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Monday, June 1, 2015

Sugar Detox Redoux - Day 12/28

Almost half way through my latest sugar detox and I feel like I am starting over at day one again. Just like everything else I am stuck in a do-over rut. Dishes, laundry, chores, eating, not eating, and now not eating sugar. The day went fine, no big temptations, a big chopped salad at lunch with my fresh lovely new dressing, and then my stop at TJ's resulted in a margherita pizza that is currently in the freezer waiting for the day to cool off so I can fire up the oven.

Short vent: My boss thinks I am an idiot, of course he feels the same way about the rest of the world so I shouldn't let myself get so mad. Arghhhhhhhh. Just let me do my F'ing job already. Obviously another nice day at work.

Time to open up and preheat the oven because Pizza fixes everything except your pant size, right? Or breathing, where is my inhaler - the wind is stirring everything up and my lungs are rebelling. Because I needed one more thing on my plate. Am I done? Anything else I want to get off my chest?

Early to bed with some extra Immune to fight off whatever allergen it is that was bothering me on and off all day. Tomorrow will be better, it's all in the mind, remember your psycho cybernetics sweetie and do some visualizing for god's sake.

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