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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Chinese Food Coma

I spent the day picking up the front of the house (living\dining room) and sorting through the bags and piles of papers that A has been bringing home from school since we sorted and put everything away for the holidays - six months ago. I saved anything artistic or special and recycled all of the normal 'workbook' type exercises. Then I sorted again and boxed most of it away marked for her Kindergarten year. T-K is already boxed up and in the garage. At this rate she will overtake all of the storage I have at my command in a few more years. I'm sure at some point the 'rents will sort through it again and save only special pieces, but it is all special now. R's experience in Kindergarten thirty some years ago was nothing like this new Pinterest version of the class and there are so many fun and beautiful projects I couldn't throw away. So everything I wanted to keep has been boxed and will be in the garage later tonight after it cools down.

Half way through the day I stopped for an awesome pedicure at Be U on Larkspur, between Sushi and the Tattoo parlour. I'll have to find their face page and 'like' them or review them on Yelp. By the time she was done I was super relaxed, my feet felt so fresh and clean and smooth, and my nails were nicely painted a beautiful coral colour. I will definitely go back again.

The Fam went to the Fair today and I knew they would be tired too so we splurged and had Chinese Food delivered. YUM. And no dishes.
Time to get the boxes out to the garage and then finally get my feet back up before the coma sets in. It felt good to accomplish something today in addition to the usual laundry and dishes. Now I can relax tomorrow and enjoy a bridal shower, if such a thing is possible! Oh the torture!

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