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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sugar Detox Redoux - Day 17/28

Saturday slipped by with chores and naps, an oil change for my little car, some coloring and a finally a movie once I was tucked safely into bed. A fog has once again descended, and it does worry me some. I hate to be in that place where I consider it a blessing just to be walking and breathing through the day; is that life? Really? Technically, yes, I suppose it is. But it is not how I imagine it should be at all.

No added sugar, but I snacked my way through the day; banana with PB, a bowl of confetti mac n cheese, the last of the asian salad with added sunflower seeds, and finally finishing up with delicious veggie fajitas from a local taqueria courtesy of R. So too much salt and fat, I should probably weigh myself soon but the snugness of my clothes has already told the story and I dread stepping on the scale.

Such gloom, such sadness about it all, and for what? I have so much to be grateful for as I constantly remind myself. And my hand is tingling with the precursor heat of numbness that is lurking and ready to strike. No more typing or coloring or anything today. Time to rest.

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