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Monday, June 8, 2015

Sugar Detox Redoux - Day 19/28

Knowing I will rebound after being 'down' doesn't usually help actually get through the sad times, and once I do bounce back it usually hits like a surprise out of the blue. So weird. But here I am typing away at lunchtime to brag about the green smoothie I made for breakfast and the fresh chopped salad I just threw together in the kitchen here at work. Nothing seems impossible today - right on!

I feel rather like a peach dumpling in my summer clothes, and yet I received a compliment on looking summery this morning. Our mini heat wave is not going away soon, and it will be over 100 when I arrive home today, but I made enough smoothie for two servings and the 2nd one is in the fridge waiting for me. Looking forward to that should keep me on the straight and narrow driving home, then later there is left over mac n cheese. It's really good, but with the added veggies it's not the constant temptation that 'straight' mac n cheese is. Win win; a single serving is satisfying and I get my veggies.

A couple of girls at the office are getting ready for a 15 day European vacation; oh to be young and independent and courageous. Not that I haven't been those things in my life - it just never occurred to me to travel, and I think I am satisfied living vicariously through book and all the wonderful tv programs that take me around the world from the convenience of my home. Not to say that I wouldn't jump at the chance to see PEI, or Scotland, or Italy. Maybe someday, but I will not be devastated if it doesn't happen; I am a confirmed homebody at the moment.
Crazy pool hair tells it all. I picked up A and S after work and took them for a romp at the pool where they joined 15 other kidlets of all ages in the task of cooling off. Lots of yelling and jumping and splashing filled the next two hours as they worked off the heat and built up appetites. Me too. It felt good to be in the water and even better to get home afterwards to enjoy the semi dark cooled environment after the bright flash of the pool. Another blessing, the air conditioner is working and I'll be able to pay the bill.

Left over mac n cheese for a quick hearty meal, and I'm ready to take it easy for a bit; this June heat wave is kicking my butt. Maybe I just needed a couple of days to adapt. Who knows. But at least I am feeling sane again. OMG - dinner is bottoming out and I am gone.

Another no sugar, no meat day. Go me.

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