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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sugar Detox Redoux - Day 14/28

Half way through my twenty eight days of saying no to sugar and I had an It's It for dessert. Go figure, one of M's friends dropped some off - family business no less - and I had no desire to refuse my share of the bounty.

The rest of the day was fairly typical with the exception of another brilliant thought. What if my Thyroid meds are improving  my blood pressure and affecting my beta blockers in such a way that I am being more forthcoming about my thoughts. A severe lack of editing has been apparent these past couple of days as I say what I think without benefit of a sanity check first.

I am often in 'self check' mode trying to figure out what is right or wrong in any given moment. I think I will give this another couple of days to figure it out. The timing is right - it's been almost a month since the new script showed up and something should be going on inside about now. I'll check the dates in the morning when I am not so ready to fall into bed and shoot a note to the Dr.

In the meantime, it's bed for me. Oblivion here I come.

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