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Friday, June 19, 2015


It was an unusually quiet day at work, and I enjoyed the peace. Getting a lot done, spending some time reviewing what was on my plate, and finally leaving my quiet clean office for the hustle and bustle of the Friday commute home. Even that wasn't horrific, I'm guessing the vacation season has begun. Yes!

A and I were both a little tired and opted for dinner at home and a movie. We picked up Day of Life from the red box at the grocery store along with a cheap and decidedly unhealthy dinner. Cuddling later on the couch we were content to do nothing but enjoy the show. Our small 'like it' containers of ice cream from Cold Stone disappeared as we watched the brightly coloured characters fly across the screen telling an old but timeless story of love.

PJ's, the brushing of the teeth, and the final tucking in of A left me to my own devices which turned out to be, unsurprisingly, bed for me too. At nine o'clock on a Friday night - Perfect.

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