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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sugar Detox Redoux - Day 24/28

Waking late at seven I kicked the light covers off and lay there enjoying the cool breeze coming through the window. Maybe it really will start cooling off! As I lay there I thought about cleaning out the fridge and juicing for the weekend; shampooing the living room carpet; making an appointment to have Kaylee's teeth cleaned (dog she stinks); mowing down the foxtails out back; and finally digging around the roses to make basins and giving them a good drink. Damn this drought. Usually I splurge on flowers each spring with birthday money, but not this year. I didn't want to even think about saving water to keep them alive. It's hard enough to keep the trees alive.

The morning started with...and I have NEVER done this before...adding sweetened condensed milk to my coffee. Out of milk, no coconut cream, and definitely not in the mood for black coffee I was going to skip the whole thing. But then A asked for tea, and she doesn't drink tea without milk. Her darling little pouty face at first pissed me off, the spoiled little shit, but then apparently she inspired my brain. Standing in the kitchen and wondering if I should get dressed and go get some cream I remembered digging through the cupboards for pasta and coming across a lonely little ignored can of the stuff. I have never used it for anything but making lemon bars and that was years and years ago. I am sure R will figure out something from Pinterest to use the rest of the can for making dessert. See, already planning more evil deeds. Maybe fudge, she has organic cocoa in there.....

So already too many plans and a flagging sense of enthusiasm. That's ok, there will be something wonderful in this day, in fact there already has been. The cool breeze, the snuggles with Kaylee and A each special in their own right, and my delicious coffee. Maybe one more cuppa decaf will get me going.
It ended up being a super lazy day. I did get one load of A's laundry done and mowed the back yard in an attempt to reduce the foxtail population that has cropped up instead of grass in our drought conditions. Every night  after getting into my pj's I put Kaylee on her back in front of me on the bed and thoroughly examine her feet, ears and (their favorite nesting place) her armpits. There is always one or two, and I hope daily that none find their way into her long doxie nose.

As always I hope tomorrow will be better.

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