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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sugar Detox Redoux - Day 25/28

This morning another small scoop of the SCC went into my coffee cup, and another went into A's bowl of skinned and diced peaches. We were both happy.

Breakfast for me was half a cold  potato with ketchup, lunch was a kale, cauliflower, sunflower seed salad with a serving of my newly mixed fresh homemade ranch. Such decadence.

A and I spent some time early today weeding, picking up dog messes and giving the weeping willow that intrudes into our yard from next door a hair cut. I gave the trees each a good watering, trimmed wayward new growth off of the back privet tree, and did an excellent job of filling up the large green waste bin with A's help. (She loves the ratcheting pruning shears.) If I do that each week it will make a huge difference in my attitude; I hate that I have let it go so long. Eventually the back yard needs to be drought tolerant and dog friendly, at least that is the goal. Baby steps.

After lunch the overdue books made it back to the library and I grocery shopped for R while she took A swimming. Dinners tonight, depending on the family member, are nachos and\or taco salads. Mine will be a salad with beans instead of the taco meat R is currently sauteeing in the kitchen. Meat is once again making me sort of grossed out and it's easier every day to abstain. Speaking of which, I picked up good organic whole grain bread and good peanut butter (ingredients: peanuts and salt) and bananas to make easy to eat in the car breakfast toast each day next week. And some Peet's decaf french roast. So much for saying no to coffee. It's not happening this week anyway. And some organic cream - no more sweetened condensed milk - so I can quit on the sugar again. It was only two servings, one each day, but the guilt of using something so thick and sweet and canned, well, the guilt is horrible and not worth it!

I know it's going to cool off this evening and I can hardly wait until it's time to open the windows and purge this air conditioned environment; I know it's not good for us.
Dinner was just what I like; a huge helping of crisp leafy greens brightened with a sweet colourful pepper accompanied by a touch each of healthy fat (avocado) and unhealthy dairy (organic sour cream) balanced with hot sauce. White corn tortilla chips and left over black beans and rice from a local taqueria rounded out the salad and I enjoyed every last bite. And here I am back to always talking about food; the bliss and bane of my life.

I could have achieved much more than I did this weekend, but it was better than the last one and I at least made a dent in my honey do list. Come on greens, do your work, restore my energy.

I remembered today that I haven't been getting in my flax meal so I will be sure to add that to breakfast each day next week. And I realized that probably a lot of my stress is pain related; I haven't been using any pain meds recently, instead just toughing it through. Except I don't, I become depressed and lay down to watch tv. Not good. Neither is using the ibuprofen\acetaminophen cocktail several times a day but at least I get more done and stay on my feet. I've been fighting this battle so long I forget sometimes how the choices impact my mood and choices. It's not just my inner athlete that suffers, it's also the hard worker in me that hates how debilitated I feel, how dependant on drugs, how far down the rabbit hole I have fallen.

Fifth Element has just begun, and they are building the 'perfect' being. I felt that way once.

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