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Monday, June 15, 2015

Sugar Detox Redoux - Day 26/28

With Peet's dark french roast decaf and organic cream in my cup and yummy pb on toast with flax meal and bananas beside me resting on a paper towel I headed off to work full of my first batch of supplements and not an inkling of an itch to stop for fast food. Nice. Once at work the 2nd batch of supplements went down and I got to work. Damn pills. R says my goal is to be off all meds before I hit Medicare. Sounds like a reasonable plan.

Shopping at Sprouts for lunch I brought back to the office my favorite cheese enchilada entree by Amy's and a big box of spring greens. I had a perfectly ripe avocado already waiting for me at work, and throwing everything together with a small handful of pepita seeds (roasted not salted) and my homemade buttermilk dressing has left me full and longing for a nap. I did get my share of those over the weekend but there are never enough these days to satisfy my desire to lay down and float away. I know better than to eat enchiladas at work, but sometimes it's worth the following lethargy when I feel the need for something solid, and my taco salad last night just whetted my appetite for more of the same flavour profile.

Dinner was a potato sprinkled with magic mushroom mix, a pinch of sea salt, and lots of sour cream. I won't even pretend I tried to portion the dairy. Freshly ground pepper added the finishing touches and it was a dreamboat of a dinner. Super seed granola was dessert (a little added honey) and I thought I was done eating for the day.

A game of Yahtzee with A, an episode or two of Big Bang, and then SYTYCD LA auditions. I so love the dancing on this show; it transports me.

BUT THEN, the bread was calling me from the kitchen and not long afterwards I was indulging in a sharp cheddar cheese and crisp dill pickle sandwich. No added sugar, no meat, just extra calories at the end of the day that came under the heading of Want instead of Need. Or maybe it was both, who knows, but certainly it wasn't something my body required.

Two tylenol PM and off to finish watching the dancing from bed. Damn decaf.

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