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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sugar Detox Redoux - Day 20/28

Eating isn't just about being depressed and needing comfort food, or eating our stress, it's also about celebrating with food. Any excuse, any time seems to be the norm for this foody and I know I'm not alone. Having had to shampoo my hair this morning and not wanting to aggravate my back I opted for the easy and pain free choice of driving through for breakfast this morning. After all, I had been 'good' the whole day before! I'm not sure what the correct expression is for this moment, both "Honestly" and "For Heaven's Sake" spring to mind along with "WTF" and "OMG".  I seriously could have just grabbed a banana for the drive to work. Spineless little shit.

But I did just chomp down a big crunchy salad with homemade dressing so I am forgiven for my morning trespasses. Speaking of chomping, I do eat more consciously and am careful to set down my fork between mouthfuls and chew chew chew until I have indeed macerated my choice bits. There is more than one important change there that has evolved over time; ha ha one of them being time and eating slower, and the other preparing the food for a more optimal digestive experience.

Let's see, what else have I been doing better? The glass of water I drink every morning now with my Thyroid pill starts the day with hydration; I've written much on how important I think this is so in a way it's good I am forced to practice something I think beneficial.

I eat lunch outside whenever I can so I am soaking up my vitamin D for the day.

Okay, I can't think of much else, other than forever stretching my toes and feet, stopping at my computer and moving often instead of letting myself be frozen during a project, and breaking up my work day by strolling up and down the hall with items to handle instead of waiting and doing them all at once. So some progress. I just need to keep doing the work and everything will come around.

The optimist has spoken!
Fruit only Jam is still a processed food, and I need to count it as sugar as much as I would love to think of it as a smashed up piece of fruit. So the PB&J I indulged in about 9pm was not a good idea per the boulder that is sitting in my stomach an hour later. Especially since the It's It connection dropped off frozen treats earlier and I had once again indulged. How does one say no to ice cream? No really, I'd like to know. I will go sleep on it.

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