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Friday, June 12, 2015

Sugar Detox Redoux - Day 23/28

I was hoping to finish out this second set of four weeks strong. Instead I am floundering as usual, my blue moods spiked through with shards of optimism that keep me afloat. This was just another ordinary day at work, but one of the girls was going to her favorite deli at lunch and we all ordered sandwiches. Mine was their veggie on a sourdough roll (the best) full of sprouts, cucumbers, black olives, pickles, lettuce & tomato and some mayo. So delicious and satisfying, which did nothing to dispel the lassitude that quickly followed. If we had a nap room at work I would have been in trouble.

Leaving work the hot air hit me, and I knew I would be driving East into another twenty degrees or so. Arriving home I headed for shorts and a lie down in my cool cool bedroom. I hate to think what the PG&E bill will look like this month, but it is what it is.

R went out later and picked up Baja Fresh for all of us; my dinner was a nice green salad with black beans, avocado, sour cream and pico de gallo - it was indeed fresh and I gobbled it down, and yes, even the fried tortilla it nestled in, the best bits on the salsa soaked bottom. Yum.

It had been another early start and an accidentally long day, being absorbed in a project and working an hour too long. It's okay, I'll go in late next Weds so I can go to A's Kindergarten Graduation.

I did have one small madeline cookie when I arrived at work in the morning, but that was the only added sugar for the day. It wasn't even dipped in chocolate as we so often see them; just a plain buttery light delight.

One more hot day and then it is supposed to dip down into the 80's for the week; I hope that holds, so often our weather changes at the drop of a dime. One hundred one day and raining for most of the next. California? I call us a state with an identity crises as we are no longer the blissful sunny california we once were. Spring used to be a beautiful dependable 70 - 80; now there's no telling. I remember laying out in the sun in March soaking up the sun and bracing for the cool breezes that were bound to come whipping along my skin to raise goosebumps. Not this year, not last, did this happen. I did get out one day this year; tired after yard work I collapsed on the chaise and rested in the sun until the flies discovered me. I live for those rare days when my mental health meets agreeable weather.

Tonight we watched the latest episode of Fake Out and I finished colouring in the turtle on our current dragon page of the colouring book. If my back would allow it I would disappear into that book for hours, reveling in the calm of the shapes and the hypnotic effects of laying down colour.

I taped Vampire Academy earlier, time to go see if it's fun, exciting, campy or just sad. TGIF.

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