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Thursday, June 25, 2015

“Usually I'm remarkably good natured. Try me on a day that doesn't end in y.” Cassandra Clare

I don't have any book credits available for a new audio book, and haven't been to the library, and can't find anything (ok, I'm just being lazy) in the NorCal digital library so I am once again back in the world of Mortal Instruments. I watched 'A Fault in our Stars' yesterday and my grandmother's phrase 'weeping copiously' would have described both me and the actress very accurately. Anyway, in the movie she is diagnosed as being depressed because she kept reading the same book over and over.

I know I have suffered from (been challenged by) mild depression my whole life, but am I now actually depressed? If I listen to the whole series again it will have been maybe the fourth time in two years. Worse case scenario, five times. Eh. I could be addicted to worse things.

This morning I decided to make the hour round trip drive to pick up the replacement Thumbie I had ordered a few weeks ago. It was dreadful driving up to the mortuary, and opening the door I was so nauseous - another manifestation of grief as weird as it sounds. Or rather a symptom of stress which I was feeling most acutely.  Anyway, eventually my original one will show up, it's in this room somewhere, and then I will be able to put this one safely away until it's time one day to give it to A. She has asked for one a couple of times before and it was on my Honey-do list anyway.

But a little grumpiness followed me throughout the day at work. Luckily that was dispelled by a couple of hours at the pool with the girls, A & S. I stayed in for more than an hour treading water most of the time and my shoulders and arms are feeling it tonight. Good for me.

Now it's the end of a hot day, we are tired and the house is stuffy, and A and I are both going to bed with pool hair. I'm just glad I'm not the one brushing out her long thick locks tomorrow! The ends of which are already turning coppery. I see a ketchup shampoo in her future.

Leftover pizza for dinner was not a good idea, the heartburn already slowly rising. But the large crunchy carrot I had with it was a good idea, as was the big salad I enjoyed for lunch that was full of sprouts, cucumbers and pepitas. More  plants every day, that is the mission. Oh, and NO added sugar today except what may have been in the pizza. Wait. Google. 3g in a slice and I had two. Not bad. Half of a daily allowance for me as an older female according to some. WHO published earlier this year that our goal should be to get less than 25g a day or less than 10% of your daily calories, which for me is somewhere around 15g-18g. So I am good today.

I did think about stopping for an apple pie from Sprouts today (THE best around) but instead came home and immediately got ready and left for the pool without even a snack. Except Water.

Tomorrow I will look for a charm bracelet or chain for my new Thumbie; it will be nice to have it to wear to a bridal shower I must attend Sunday. But that is another story.

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