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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sugar Detox Redoux - Day 11/28

Twelve years ago today my daughter married her man in a beautiful ceremony at a local winery. They have seen their share of ups and downs, and this morning I ask the universe to...cut them some slack for heaven's sake! Ok, not poetic, but to the point. I love them dearly and my not so little A that keeps me grounded and hopeful, and I send my wishes up to the stars that their upward spiral towards happiness, contentment and security could be hastened. Just a little. Please.

76 and sunny today, I think I will spend some time in the yard. And the dogs need attending to, their monthly flea treatment being due. One would think I could come up with something better for a beautiful Sunday, but it is enough.  My coffee and cream beckons; I go.
I never made it outside for more than a couple of trips to the recycling bins. But being inside was fine, with the windows open and the trees dancing about a little with a Spring breeze or two. A and I finished up a sewing project, a sundress for her sock monkey, and began colouring a new page in the 'big book' that I gave her for Easter - my intention being that it was big enough to share without bumping into each other. I was wrong. But the pictures are fun and colouring has always been a calming activity for me, and even for A sometimes.

Afterwards she was in the tub and getting her hair scrubbed, followed by a brush out and a blow dry - what a beautiful head of hair she has, much like her mother.

It has been a quiet afternoon with the kids away at a party. I watched a movie, set another load of dishes to spin, and listened to my book over a couple of games of solitaire. This is the time of day that is hard for me and often head here to write. I would love to be sitting outside with a drink and a friend and some laughter. I know I could make this happen if I could just make myself try, but even the idea is exhausting.

I think everything is ready for another work week - laundry done, chopped salad ready to go in the fridge. Oh! Salad! I made a wonderful dressing this morning. Sort of a cross between a ranch and green goddess. I will write it down so I can search for it later.

1C each buttermilk and mayo
1 really large handful each of diced herb leaves: Watercress, Flat leaf parsley & Cilantro
A couple shakes of dried Dill
2 stalks of minced green onion

I used an immersion blender to grind it all together until it was creamy white with little green specks. It's thin, not thick, and tosses into a salad in a light and lovely way instead of sitting thick on top. So delicious that I stood licking the end of the blender hoping I wouldn't cut myself. Over a chopped salad for lunch it was a tad more dilly after sitting for a couple of hours but still wonderful. And notice I didn't have to add any salt at all. I usually add freshly ground pepper and I have a mill at work for lunches there. All I need do in the morning is to pack up some beans to add. I have left over dirty rice bags and containers of bean soup in the freezer I need to use up and they can be my dinners this week. No cooking, no dishes, my kind of meals!

Confessions: I almost forgot about the pasty the Fam brought back from the Farmer's Market earlier. Light pastry, powdered sugar on top and cream cheese inside. Sigh. So worth it. And I did drive through after my dinner of potatoes to get an oreo shake (64g sugar). Was it the sugar in the morning that instigated my evening urges? In my defense I did NOT get fries or a Big Mac.
OMG, while I was typing away the Fam returned home with dessert for me; R had made a strawberry bundt cake with lemon icing and another friend had made a dulce de leche cheesecake. I had a small taste of each. So good & So bad. What did I use to write all the time, 'sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof...?'

Best I head to bed with water and determination to leave well enough alone.

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