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Friday, May 22, 2015

Sugar Detox Redoux - Day 2/28

I began the day thinking I should mark my weight after my sojourn into the land of sugar reduction, and I was not a bit surprised to see that I had not varied a pound up or down in the past month. This is no surprise, my efforts resulted in replacing sugar with fat and extra fruit and I'm sure I replaced every calorie I had said no to along the way in the guise of refined sugar. But I am in a better frame of mind this go around, well, for this day anyway - which is as far ahead as I seem to be able to manage when it comes to predicting anything or making plans. But I am back off meat which will help increase plants and that should help everything, it always does. All in all my first two days have been quite successful in terms of not overeating and saying no to sugar. And my 'sleepy face' syndrome is still gone so that is good as well. Oh, and I walked to the bank and back at lunch today and didn't die. Amazing.

It seems but a moment ago I was feeling the relief that a Friday evening brings, knowing I can wake up slow and putter around the house in my PJ's instead of getting ready for work. I may moan and groan about the tedium of chores, but they do bring a sense of calm to my ever roaming mind and it feels so nice to wander around afterward in a clean and cozy house. It should be beautiful spring weekend and I am looking forward to puttering around in the back yard some too. Oh, and pruning the roses out front. After an initial glorious display of colour they are ready to be cut back a bit and made ready for the next explosion. It is also the weekend for Spring cleaning since I found out this afternoon that the appraiser will be here a week from Monday; there is lots to do. I need to make it look like we actually take care of the place; sad really that I can't seem to do a better job of that. But in a week it will be wonderful around here.

Dinner was take out from a local taqueria enjoyed with the Family in front of the tv (FakeOff.) Beans, rice and fajita veggies with a small salad topped with sour cream and guacamole for me. Yum.

Kaylee is curling up in the very middle of my bed waiting for me to be done and join her. Does she do it on purpose knowing I will have to move her? Is she staking her claim? Most of this past cold season she has spent her nights curled up under my covers spooning the curve made at the back of my bent knees. We are buds; she is my heater. I think it's time to say goodnight.

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