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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sugar Detox Redoux - Day 3/28

Much was accomplished today, and I managed to keep moving for most of it. I have discovered that a small scoop of coconut cream plus a little milk warmed up together make a most satisfactory addition to my coffee. I don't normally drink milk, but haven't been out to buy cream, and the coconut was on hand as was the milk.

No added sugar today except a little in my bread at lunch; at least it wasn't HFCS.  I'm tired and a little sore but by tomorrow evening I will be happy. Just windows and the bathroom floor left to do tomorrow plus a little work in the back yard. Not bad.

Time to unwind and maybe putter a little more; days like this I miss a glass of red wine in the evening, but no so much that I am willing to go out and have one. Chamomile tea will suffice, while I dream of sweats, a fire pit, and a glass of old vine zin.

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