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Friday, May 8, 2015

Sugar Detox - Day 16/28

I have just posted for yesterday, after signing on and seeing that I had skipped the day. Why was I signing on? To confess of course. D made a dense delectable cheese cake for a birthday here at the office and yes I had a piece. Topped with rum soaked raspberries and chopped nuts. I did go in to the kitchen intending to make my salad, but there is was in all it's creamy glory surrounded by toppings and calling my name. Now I am almost dizzy from my indulgence and wishing I had eaten only a bite instead of a piece. There is no teaching this old dog new tricks apparently.

But I will eat my salad later and make better choices for the rest of the day; that is my promise to myself this rainy Thursday afternoon. Rain? What? Good Lord.


Here we go again, this is Thursday's post.  I remember laying in bed last night wondering if I had updated and posted, but was too lazy to get up and check. And of course I hadn't.

The night did not go well. I left work early taking comp time from the day before and stopped at Trader Joe's for dinner supplies; I knew R was expecting to be late and thought it would be nice to have dinner ready for the Fam. Impulse buy of the day? Meyer lemon crisps - cookies - of which I ate half a sleeve on the way home. Once there I heated up a Mac N Cheese for lunch\dinner, put the lasagna in the over for later, and took a nap.

R brought ice cream home from the photo shoot and I had a small bowl of Clover Pistachio, a newly released product that was delicious.

A game of monopoly with the girls, an episode of NCIS, and then I was out for the count.

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