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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sugar Detox - Day 25/28

The windows are open, there is a beautifully fresh breeze, and Captain Kirk is giving it to Spock - things are good this morning.

A and I shared an early breakfast of toasted seeded killer bread and gimme lean sausage sammies. She had warmed up milk and I had warmed up milk in my decaf coffee.  Since then I have begun my chores, handled all the mail on my desk, filled out my absentee voter ballot, and put away all of the miscellaneous clean clothes that had accumulated on my dresser. It's hell when you have a wardrobe you constantly have to sort through to find something that fits, or is presentable to wear to work, or won't scandalize your family.

Left to do: wash Kaylee, finish the bathroom, and get together my docs to refinance the house - another source of stress. Just do it!!!

Lunch was an organic Amy's bean and rice burrito with pico de gallo, freshly made guacamole and organic sour cream. Loving food has never been a challenge for me. I need to make my next meal either veggie juice or a chopped salad. Greens Vail, Greens!
Paperwork finished, but Kaylee still needs her bath. Tomorrow. A has posted a large reminder on my keyboard to "Wash Kalee".

PJ's, Outlander, and a final glass of water. Oh, and a chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie courtesy of M for dessert. I think 'No' is a mindset, something you need to practice so it becomes an automatic response. This is hard, we are supposed to say 'Yes' to life.

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