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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sugar Detox - Day 28/28

Another sugar free day. Biscuit and Morning Star sausage for breakfast, lots of greens and nuts in my salad at lunch, and bean soup for dinner (full of kale). I'm just back from Target picking up sandwich bread for A, light bulbs and a few other essentials and didn't even consider driving through for a 2pt cone from Mickey D's even though it's the same shopping center.

And my right foot hasn't hurt for two days in a row. I'm cautiously thrilled about that, and standing on my toes as I type this exercising my feetsies. Every little bit helps. Really. Stretch those piggies.

Tomorrow is a legal luncheon (at a really good italian restaurant; my goal is No Dessert) followed by a meeting with the boss so I can't sneak out early. And then the next day is my .... massage! It's been so long, and while it will be uncomfortable getting on the table this heavy I know it will be worth it; my neck and shoulders need a good stretching. Followed by Open House for A and I promised her I would go, so no coming home and crashing; lots of water and extra Immune before my massage and I'll be good.

Time to check out, slide into some PJ's and peruse the DVR selections.

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