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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sugar Detox Redoux - Day 6/28

Another no sugar added day so far. No sugar in my decaf. No homemade lemon pound cake at the office or strawberries dipped in chocolate. No snacks from TJ's to eat on the way home.

My groceries on the way home were mostly for the kids; I'm worried about R not feeling well and having a particularly busy work week, so there will be comfort food dinner ready when she gets home - homemade meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas, fresh strawberries. Not the meal that she would make but I know she will be grateful.  I will have the potatoes and peas, and add a salad.

A is at the table doing homework with M supervising, and I have a quiet moment of two before her energy hits my door, "Grama, what do you want to do that's fun?" Gotta love her.

Stretching my feet, listening to my book, and very glad to be home. I hope there is something on to watch this evening. This gap between seasons reminds me how dependant I am on tv for a nightly diversion. Hopefully by this Fall my feet will be well enough to carry me on walks instead. I hope, I dream, I imagine my world as I would have it; everyday a note sent out to the universe that I am still here, still doing the ground work while waiting for some magical transformation of my life.
A and I had TJ's Honey Greek Yogurt for dessert - 6tsp's of sugar, a day's worth. So delicious and thick and creamy. That's all.

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