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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sugar Detox - Day 26/28

Yesterday R brought home Strawberry Jam from the Farmer's Market, made using much less sugar than store bought jams, and we discussed making biscuits this morning. And I did! A helped crumble the small butter cubes into the flour mixture, pat out the dough, and use Mommer's cutter to cut the biscuits out.

While picking up organic flour, aluminum free baking powder, and unsalted butter this morning I was sad to discover they discontinued the Gimme Lean sausage substitute and that there was no replacement product. So Morning Star sausage it was (ugh) and as R commented - it just didn't live up to the biscuit. But I have five biscuits set aside, and will saute the morning star in some herb infused oil before building my breakfast sandwiches for the week. I am determined to once again move away from meat and my morning addiction, and this is the first step - making my own 'meatless' breakfast biscuits. I'll have to look elsewhere for the Gimme Lean for future, but wasn't going to delay this another week for lack of preferred ingredients.

It's a gray spring morning; I hope the sun comes out later so I can bathe Kaylee. In the meantime I have had my decaf and biscuit and it's time to finish up some chores. And google for green flooring now that the refi has been set in motion. Or solar roofing, that might be a better way to spend the money if I can eek out some equity. More decisions. They never end. I am grateful to have such a quandary; just sayin'.

A bicycle ride with A to the pond and back kicked my legs and lungs and hands, but after resting a short bit I was back up and at it. I feel the twinges of manic chomping at the bit after my down days; my goal is to be productive and make use of the energy.

Soup's on! Smoked bacon ends, diced red onion & mushrooms all sauteed together. Then veggie stock to deglaze the pan,  and chopped brussels sprouts and carrots and five really large curly kale leaves added to be kept at a simmer until the kale is tender. It will all be blended together, and then two cans of white beans added and cooked  along with water and red miso plus bit of magic mushroom mix to just the right consistency and then simmered until everything is heated through. Bean and Bacon soup this week; Yum.

The last words from A tonight were, "Happy Anniversary Grama!". She had asked me the date earlier in the day, and upon saying May 17th I realized it was the day J and I were married back in 1980. It would have been 35 years had we not separated, then divorced, then been split finally by death. I did not hear her at first, R came to my door to ask if I had heard her, so I paused the tv and sure enough, there she was in the bedroom next to mine with her final farewell to me for the day.

No ice cream tonight, but I did have another cookie this afternoon. Just one, and no other added sugar in the day. Better, but not great yet.

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