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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sugar Detox - Day 19/28

Snuggling with A this morning, and sharing a 'fancy' Mother's Day breakfast with the family was perfect. I didn't count the grams of sugar in the pecan pancake mix, or the bacon, or the scant servings of maple syrup and lemon glaze that I had on my pancakes. I didn't add sugar to my morning decaf, and I don't anticipate any further sugary items on the day's agenda.

J and I have spoken about this at work, how celebrating with food is so ingrained in us, my point of view being that for millions of years the acquiring, preparing and sharing of food has been about community. Who am I to buck the natural order of things. I can control portions and drink extra water but I am always going to participate in holiday  meals.

For her Mother's day I made dinner for the Fam, stew, and brought home Wild for us to watch. A was plugged in to the newly discovered Sabrina, Teenage Witch and M was out walking with his Ingress app while we watched - good thing, I hadn't realized it was going to be so graphic.  I guess someday I should tell R about my days between leaving home and marrying her father; that could have been a book worthy of a movie. I would imagine most of us have stories that are.

Telestrations is the game A and I picked up today; I am so glad we play games together.

I had two thin Meyer's Lemon crisps this afternoon but no other sugar; pretty good for a regular day let alone a holiday. Of course, it's not time for dessert yet, and early to brag. I've had a slight headache on and off for two days; drinking water helps so hopefully this is just a transitional thing adding a new pill to the regime.

The stew turned out nicely, but it's been a long time since I handled 'meat' and won't be doing so again anytime soon. During softball season I tried to cook more so they could spend their time with A, but the season is over and I am done; I just can't handle the meat anymore.

A small bowl of ice cream to the tune of 16g of sugar and now I am really done. And maybe going to bed early, and maybe watching the season finale of Once Upon A Time. Maybe.

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