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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sugar Detox Redoux - Day 7/28

Looking back on the week I know there is room for improvement, ie the new double peanut butter magnum bar I had for dessert tonight, but for the most part I am satisfied with my progress. Salads every day, snacking on carrots and oranges, healthy dinners. Still a bit more tired than I would like, but getting things done and pulling my weight.

I discovered this morning that I cannot afford the trigger finger surgery so now there is motivation to do more at home to relieve the inflammation and pain; moist heat, splint at night, relaxing arm stretches and massages on the muscle leading into my hand. I can do this, or rather I must do this or go even more nuts than I already am. I do not need yet another source of pain to dampen my already flagging spirits. JFC!! And back to using the ibuprofen more than I would like.

Other than that a typical work day, stopping for groceries then getting A, helping with her homework while R is across the bay for work, and finally heading out in the car one last time to pick up dessert for the three of us left here at home. A is video-texting her Mom on their ipad behind me on the bed as I finish this up. It's a school night and she needs to be tucked in bed. Then it's iZombie and sweet dreams for me. She is already in PJ's with relatively clean teeth.

Back to no sugar tomorrow, I swear.

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