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Friday, May 29, 2015

Sugar Detox Redoux - Day 9/28

Early to work and early home again. A cheese and pickle sandwich on pretzel bread after an apple and a cookie on the way home and my early dinner is complete. There is left over pasta soup if I am hungry later, and as foretold I am tired. I think a quick nap is in order given my early start this morning. I think stretching out on my bed after work is the only incentive I have to actually make it each morning! But as some would say, a made bed means that you have at the very least  accomplished something that day.

Damn that cookie on the way home. A small gap in my control as I passed the office kitchen on  my way out and now I am paying for it in guilt. I did take a walk at lunch, keeping to the grassy medians as much as possible in my 'water sock' type minimal shoes. My toes are getting stronger all the time, thank heavens!

A lazy evening with a 2nd dinner about 8, Amy's organic enchiladas, so I am pounding down the water already thinking about swollen digits in the morning. But calorie wise I am probably on track for the day as my lunch calories were super light.

God, enough about the food; what and when I eat has become my most boring feature. Time to unplug and lay down and become one with the universe; the day is done.

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