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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sugar Detox - Day 12/14

R made sausage this morning, and I had a slice of buttered toast with my piece (seeded honey wheat) and it was so delicious. I had been up for a while and already indulged in fresh decaf with coconut cream and a spoonful of raw whipped honey. I will not feel badly about these choices.

I will also not proclaim my good intentions for the day, the weekend, the month of May. Instead I will remain calm and steadfast, and go about the day as if it is the most normal of days, that I do not feel the weight of impending failure as I realize four months of the year are already gone and I have not made any progress towards losing weight or gaining health. I will follow my routine of Saturday chores, enjoy an afternoon of cheering on A at her softball game, and neither binge nor deprive myself of the day's offerings.

I will remain calm and steadfast so as not to fall.

I've always considered myself a 'salt' person; you know, given the choice between cookies or chips I would always choose the hypothetical chips. Since beginning this attempt at detoxing from sugar my brain would now choose the cookies. I will see this as my body rebelling, which means a change is occurring, and keep the attempt alive with another two weeks. Rome did not fall in a day, and I have not given up the battle.

Today's reading material - Disclaimer, no I do not agree with everything here, and take everything with a grain of salt...mmm...sugar. (I will eat fruit and I will not use artificial sweeteners.)

The baseball game was interesting; the child I watched play was not my usual feisty spirit, but lackadaisical and unenthusiastic, and it was disconcerting. Even the coaches noticed - in her defense it was a hot day, and there is only one game left. But still, who was that child?

Salad for lunch and a yakisoba noodle bowl from the freezer for dinner. I am not in the mood for dishes and it was too hot to cook. It's suppose to be almost 20 degrees cooler tomorrow - I'll make something then. But my hands are already swollen from the sodium in these last two meals, both prepared and storebought. With laziness comes a price, and my trigger finger is once again acting up. My Bad. Just home made food tomorrow please.

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