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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sugar Detox - Day 17/28

I have decided that while tempted to change the label of these sugar detox posts to 'the trials and tribulations of sugar' this will remain tagged under Sugar Detox since the struggles of trying to do it are just as valid as those who first succeed. I am apparently having an inner rebellion, whether blood or brain or psyche I cannot determine. Buying cookies on the way home from work yesterday was an eye opener; I haven't done that in ... well, a really long time? But it was an eye opener and being such I was able to keep away from the left over cheesecake that is in the fridge here at work when heating up a drink this morning.

I have a chopped salad also in the fridge that will be my lunch today, and there are left over roasted veggies at home ready for a quick healthy dinner. So, planning to succeed today and aware that I am experiencing unhealthy urges.

I also have high hopes, I took my first Thyroid pill this morning and while I know it may be weeks before I feel a difference I am using psycho-cybernetics to hurry my response along. Come one synthetic wonder pill - do your business!

Back to work.
ARgh! Again with not posting. Why am i struggling so much this past week? My guess would be not having to record my failures, as I again had ice cream for dessert last night. And there is still so much in the freezer. I have to figure out a way to say no. I need to plan ahead so that I am no so tempted.

Dear Universe, please help me regain my balance by showing me true north. Please let me make decisions that improve my health. Please just let me get through today, and then listen when I ask the same thing for the next day. Please.

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