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Monday, July 27, 2015

And the price

For my two good days I paid with a hellish Monday, one complication after another arising until we were giddy with forced stress relief; you can cry or laugh - we choose to laugh. The final stroke was a scathing email from my boss requesting an explanation for something that happened before I was ever hired. I told him where he could go look for his answers. I wasn't actually that crude, but did point him in the direction of those who may know the answers and did tell him to ask them. Then my eight hours being up I left for the day. My SIL put it all in perspective - hey, you can tell him anything as long as you back it up with a smiley face.

The new texting protocol - say what you mean and soften the blow with an icon showing you are smiling while calling them a dick.

I came home and focused my energy into preparing the kids a pot roast for dinner; I was thanked and complimented sufficient unto the meal and earned some literal brownie points from M.

I am so looking forward to seeing my email in the morning at the office. But in the meantime SYTYCD is on and I am signing out.

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