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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Green Juice & Pizza

Which is better than no juice and Pizza. There will come a time when left over pizza isn't a temptation, but this is not that day.

Early to the grocery store this morning so I can juice over the weekend:

     Cucumbers      Kale
     Celery               Power Greens
     Carrots             Lemons
     Ginger              Green Apples

Rule of thumb: three veg for each fruit.

That was breakfast, and left over pizza was lunch. The plan is to finish the juice over the course of the rest of the day and if I feel the need to eat dinner there is lettuce and cauliflower to make a chopped salad. And left over Easter Eggs for some devilment on the side.

Apparently 'left overs', while thrifty, are not necessarily conducive to health. Eventually I can hope to have only healthy food left over and that will solve the dilemma.

Had the washing machine repaired this morning and now I am catching up on laundry. Time for ibuprofen and maybe a lay-about in the sunny back yard. And a bike ride later. Maybe.

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