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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Food and exercise to the rescue!

The day improves.

Specifically corn pancakes at Denica's where they were having a fund raiser for A's school. Delicious. Upon arriving home and taking a quick assessment of the work to do in the back yard I decided a trip to buy flowers was in order first- incentive, or a bribe - so that there was something to look forward to after the cleaning up of the cement patio. And a tomatoe plant too was in the basket to come home, no apologies for the 'e'.

After an hour I am exhausted and instead of pushing through I am allowing myself a break to cool down and hydrate before going back out to work. I'm in the worst shape of my life and don't want to collapse doing yard work! But my mental health has recovered it's Pollyanna demeanor; it's too bad we can't remember the hill to come while wallowing in the depths, that would be ever so helpful.

To water, to put my feet up, and then back to work.

Final update: that was the pattern all day, work, hydrate and a brief rest - then repeat. A long productive day at last! R and I made a huge dent in the back yard, and are both sore and weary tonight. Most of the new flowers are freshly potted, there is a  junk pile ready for the dump, and things are looking up. A vast improvement. Hopefully tomorrow I can get out there after work each day and keep up the momentum.

Side note: the orange tree is thick with fragrant, white, waxy flowers and a'buzzing with bees. Wonderful but scary, we steered clear.

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