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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Grumpy Pants

That's me this morning, not sure why. Yesterday I began a determined effort to get back to eating for health and weighed out two pounds of veggies; the intention was to eat half of them raw and half cooked.

The raw half was in fact eaten, but the cooked half turned out to be beet soup and i somehow never ate any of it despite how delicious it was and beautiful to look at too. Rats, I should have posted a picture! I'll do that later.

So what was dinner then? Top Ramen, and a vanilla shake for dessert. I did get quite a bit done yesterday, managing to stay on  my fee for at least half the day. But I ache and there was never really a sense of accomplishment; even after mowing the lawn all I could see was how much was left to do.

So obviously this is a mind thing, and I need to get over 'it' or myself or whatever. Happiness has managed to sneak away while I wasn't paying attention, and I just don't have the energy to track it down right now. The old adage of pretending until it's real is exhausting just to think about.

No, this is not me giving up, it's just me ranting to the universe in an attempt to piss myself off and find some get up and go.

Said as my hands are tingling as I type. Bother.

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