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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 4/30

I'm so loving the blackberries this year. They are huge and sweet and satisfying and a great way to break a fast. I'll be back on track today with a Shape shake at lunch and bean soup for dinner. The soup is my gift to Mom; while she is busy today I'm going to make a batch of Red Mills 13 bean soup and load it up with greens. I'll leave containers in the freezer so she can have homemade healthy soup after a few minutes in the microwave once I'm gone. For this evening I will measure out a cup for my lean protein at dinner and add a chopped salad to get in some raw veggies too.

But the best part of today will be laying out by the pool and reading a little, with a dip in the water if I get hot. The universe is being kind and it will only be in the 80's this week while I am here, a good 20 degrees cooler than it has been. Today is a vacation day and I am planning on doing some swimming :)

I had thought of going to the movies, but I worried a little about the lure of a dark theatre and a bag of greasy popcorn. I need to keep a little distance right now between myself and that particular temptation. I do want to go see the new Star Trek and Iron Man on the big screen, but I had better wait until I am home and feeling more stable emotionally. On the road there are too many temptations to be bad and pretend it didn't happen!

So looking forward to a quiet day, and puttering on the patio some more when I am bored of reading - gardening is the perfect low intensity exercise! And tonight we find out who is this year's American Idol - I love having something to grab my interest at the end of the day, it makes eating, or not snacking as the case may be, so much easier. Now, off to try on the dreaded bathing suit! Thank heavens for good walls, the world is not ready for this.

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