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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 10/30

Yesterday I battled my little shoulder demon all the way home from work. I had to convince myself all over again at every freeway exit that I was not getting off, that I was going home to eat something healthy, that I did not want fries or tacos or a two point ice cream cone. And finally I really focused on the imagery of the battle, and the heroine, and I dressed the angel on my shoulder in bike shorts and a tank top, with arms up in a show of strength showing off beautifully curved biceps raised in victory and trim hips standing firm  with resolve. 'We are not getting off this freeway. We only need to make it past one exit at a time until we are safe at home!" she cried. The little devil on my other shoulder shrank into a small defeated bundle of red cape and hid, her voice quieted.

As planned I drank my 2 cups of Clean on my way to work in the morning with my 1st Burn and vitamins,  downed another 40oz of water, took my midday Burn around 11am and crunched my way through a quart baggie of sweet little peppers, cauliflower florets, and carrots. Around 2pm I started on the next 2 cups of Clean and remembered my afternoon Burn with my last 20oz bottle of water as I headed home at 4pm apple in hand. 

Once safely home I headed straight to the kitchen where my lit upon a very small and perfectly ripe avocado; sliced in half with a little sea salt I savoured every bite until all that was left were two skin boats gracing the top of the green waste bowl. YUM. Next I cleaned and set some green beans to steaming, and started some onions sauteing in a little coconut oil. I sliced up three little yellow patty pan squashes and once the onions and beans were ready I tossed them all together and threw a top on the pan to let them steam. While waiting I cleaned and stemmed a bunch of small carrots, rinsing the tops and rough chopping them. The carrots went into some ice water in the fridge and the tops went into the NutriBullet, followed by unsweetened almond milk, four bright strawberries, one small orange and a scoop of Shape.

Then everything went on hold as the call came in to walk over and pick up A from daycare. This was my second short walk of the day, I had also enjoyed a small outing on foot to the bank at lunch. (I had to, it was gorgeous walking weather out.) Once back home I had a small bowl of the veggies while we fed the dogs - we still have to supervise the newly formed pack in case someone is tempted to dip their nose into a bowl not their own - and then relaxed on the couch with my newly blended Shape shake to visit with A and find out how her day went.  I watched a movie once where the grandpa would say, 'tell me all about it'. I loved that and find myself saying it to A almost daily.

As bedtime arrived A wanted a snack and we sat taking turns dipping our hands into a bag of raw almonds she had purloined from the fridge, crunching on one at a time. I have found that when eaten slowly it doesn't take many nuts to satisfy the appetite.

I know why I had to battle so hard driving home, it was that damned hot dog yesterday. I am not sure if it was the glutamates, or the primal urge to down a high calorie meal that was trying to draw me off the freeway, but I am so thankful this morning that I was able to resist, and I will remember the power it gave me to personify my little shoulder angel. Which makes sense - what you dwell on expands! I think it's called the law of concentration; Maya Angelou once said she would never attend an anti war rally, but she would be glad to give her energies to a Peace rally. So I am going to focus on the positive, focus on the power of intention, and keep in motion a positive cycle. It must be like the saying, a body in motion stays in motion - I want my positive intent to stay in motion so I will spend more time focusing on all of the positives. 

The next time temptation raises it's ugly head I will be ready with my sword of muchness! Thank you Alice for that visualization; I am ready to slay dragons this morning!

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